Written by spaceballer

15 Jul 2005

One day I was out for a jog when I ran into this old friend I had known from school. She was a striking woman, great ass, nice tits, fit...she turned heads as she ran by. Well, lucky me, she noticed me and flagged me down. We struck up conversation...but I thought there was no hope. I am a very athletic guy, an avid futbol-er! But I thought I might be 4 years too old.

As we were parting I asked to exchange numbers, she declined, but instead asked if she could come by. I said sure, I'd love to have her over. When she arrived that evening there was no doubt I wanted every bit of her! We ate, had drinks and stuck conversation on the couch. As I began to tell another "sport story", she made her move. Before I knew it she was straddling me in this miniskirt and night gown shirt. Our lips attacked each other. I knew I was in for a great night. We proceeded to fuck all over the house. She had a great ass and riding her doggy-style was awesome! She was the first screamer I had ever encountered! "Its so deep!" and "harder" were echo-ed throughout my house!

We fucked low-key for about 3 months before we moved on. I started dating a new girl, and wouldn't you know it...she dated his brother! We agreed to keep our flings quiet, but it brings a new meaning to family dinner...I'm waiting for our fuckfest when the brother and sister aren't looking...I'll let you know if I can pull that off! : ) CHEERS...