Written by mysticmayo

26 Sep 2007

as the water streamed down onto my face washing off the body oil that you had smeared over my chest. you soaped me up and rubbed me down washing away the sudz, you started to play with my pierced nip nibbling at it with you teeth while your hands went south to my hard cock, gliding over my firm stomack muscels moving your hands up and down my shaft rubbing it against your soaking clit, Kissing for a while i then turned you around the warm water from the shower landing on your face and chest, i started to ease my hot cock into your very wet pussy slowly penetrating your tight pussy fucking it with pleasure we built up momentum as i grabed your pony-tail hair with my left hand pulling back on it with each stroke of my pulsating cock deep inside you, with my right hand i reached under to find your swollen clit begging to be rubbed and squeezed, your were caressing your large tits and pinching ur nipples sending a tingeling feelling shoot through ur body. Your Pussy started to get tighter as the onset of a orgasmic climax was about to hit, the pressure of my balls grew as they slammed against your body with each forceful thrust of my cock harder and deep an faster, deeper again inside you. You were shouting fuck me FUCK ME, then with moans of excitment and exstacy the pleasure rushed through our bodys at the same time. my rock hard cock jetting load after load of steaming hot cum deep into your wonderfull tight pussy, your orgasim striking you with the force of a thundering run away out of control train until both our bodys lay entangled in a heap of shuddering after shocks of pleasure on the shower floor and the hot water pouring down endlessly as we try to recover enough to be able to speak...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy it,