Written by thewilliams

10 Aug 2007

it was a few week ago now when i asked her to join me and wallace for 3way play, she said "yeah" but it was soon apparent ( or so it would seem ) she was just a tease, but last saturday we all met in a local club for a few drinks and after a short cab ride we was at our house.

we had a smoke and a couple more drinks then wallace went and cleaned himself, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..

when he opened the bedroom door we were already in bed, she was so hot, which is why i asked her in the first place very sexy, very petit, tight and shaved with long black curly hair that hung down her back ( i'm getting wet just thinking about it again ) he undressed and slid in between us both..i started to play with her pussy all i wanted to do was taste her so i did, she tasted so good....

while i was deep in pussy he was deep in mine, licking, sucking and fingering me making me squirt all over his face, he was so turned on, so she climbed on his big, hard, throbing cock and started riding him.

All i did was watch and play with my clit, i wanted to see that from the begining her riding wallace, then i started to suck his bollox & licking all her cum off his cock, she was facing me so i could lick and suck her to..

she started to kiss me and worked her way down my body rolled off him and began to lick my wet hot pussy, i climbed on wallace and started fucking him hard, riding him hard then screwing, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love to screw..

this carried on for an hour or so, we kept changing places then he knelt me up and started to fuck me, sweaty, noisy fucking.While she lay under me and licked and sucked my pussy i squirted again, all over her..unfortunatly, as i said she was tight, petit and very sexy and it started to make her sore, so we sucked him untill he shot his cum all over us..

can't wait for this saturday..