Written by scubacouple

6 Jun 2007

Kat loves to be the centre of attention and the more she gets the hornier she is and she just loves to roll play! I want to be a dirty little whore to night she said I wanna get used. So we started off in the hotel bar I got her a couple of doubles to get her lubricated and then we went in to the town centre Kat was dressed to frill she looked so sexy and lots of guys noticed as we walk alone the street…… she loved it.

As we entered the bar she turned to me and said right baby I'm gonna get myself a drink see you later and off she went. I got myself a drink and made my way across to the dance floor. I could see Kat at the bar with this guy chatting her up and buying her drinks as the evening went by she moved around the bar dancing with a group of girls coming over to me and dancing.

Back to the bar hitting on a couple of guys…more drinks more flirting near the end of the evening she brought this Italian guy over to meet me as he didn't believe we were married. She had asked him and his two friends back to the room for a drink with us. I could see he was a bit on edge unsure but after we put him in the picture that we swing, it changed everything the bulge in his trousers gave that away he couldn't wait to get back to tell his mates. The look on there faces all smiles a laughing. They came over to us and we had a couple more drinks and got to know them. Kat was get so turned on by there attention touching and stroking her, one of them put his hand up her skirt…. She never wears knickers I could see him rubbing her pussy…That was it she was ready to be fucked… we've got to go right now she said! As he pull his fingers out…. We could all see her cum juice glistening on them.

Back to the room!

They couldn't keep their hands off her on the way back to the hotel they took turns stopping and snogging her. Squeezing her tits rubbing her pussy! As one was playing with her the other ones asked me what they were allowed to do to her. So she wanted a whore! Anything you like I said……. She wanted to get used her words…. So just for fun I told them it would be 20 quid each and they could do anything they wanted…..They just grinned at each other and spoke in Italian. I wasn't sure if they had taken it as a joke or not

, But what the hell we were all drunk and Kat wanted them so we weren't going to stop now…….

As soon as we opened the door to the room it was a free for all they just ripped her clothes off…………. They lifted her on to the bed and one started sucking her tits one got down between her legs and licked her pussy as she took the other in her mouth. While they got stuck in to her I poured some drinks and got out her toys and laid them on the bed.

I had told them how she loves to be tied up. So as soon as they saw the bondage gear they stopped to look. They asked me to tie her up for them. As they drank there drinks and watched intently I went to work on her she was well on the way due to the amount she had drunk but she knew exactly what she was gonna get…….. Tie me tight she said and gag me!

I rolled her on to her tummy got her up on to her knees pulled her hands down in between her legs and tied her wrists to her ankle her favourite position……..Arse in the air her wet dripping pussy on show, one of the lads came up behind her and stuck this fingers in her dripping hole which made her jump and cry out. She started moaning as he worked his fingers in to her, so I took her ball gag and put it in her mouth and tied it behind her head to stop her moaning ………..

She was completely helpless….. now for my little surprise…….. As I said earlier to them they could do anything they wanted…… AT A PRICE!……..So I said it out nice and loud so she could hear. Right lads you can do anything you like to the little whore as we agreed 20 quid each…..I watched her face…for a moment horror! She knew She was gonna get well and truly fucked …….

With that he took his fingers out and pushed his cock in hard and deep up her wet cunt forcing her forward pounding her cunt deep he was gonna give the poor little bitch no mercy grabbing her tits and pulling hard he forced himself as deep as possible up her…..We could hear his balls slapping against her pussy as he pounded her harder and harder……… tears formed in her eyes as he fucked her using her pussy… this was gonna hurt………….

They were at her from both sides. The gag was off and a cock was in its place keeping her quiet.

They rolled her on to her side one of them laid on his back and they rolled her back on top of him, sliding his cock back in to her wet pussy…… back in to her mouth went the other one…….. they were relentless.

The third guy knelt behind her and force his cock in to her pussy! Two hard cocks pounding her cunt fucking her hard!!!!! the guy in her mouth got more and more excited, holding her by her hair she was no longer sucking him, he was full on fucking her mouth pulling out and then trusting right up till his balls hit her chin then with a sudden jerk he came pushing ever drop down her throat

As he pulled out she swore at him for cuming too soon… I joined in taking his place putting my cock in her well oiled mouth. The guy on top pulled his dripping cock out of her pussy and eased it in her arse…. A cock in every hole….

It wasn't long before the other guy was hard again and back in her pussy, we all took turns and changed round …by the time we finish she had been untied and fucked in every position you could think of…she loves to have them come on her tits so as each one of them started to cum they pulled out and came over her tits she laid there covered in there cum…Well fucked and sore one by one they finished with her dressed and left…

We always use condoms

She loved every moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!