Written by jellgem

9 Mar 2007

we had our 1st swinging experience a few weeks ago with a friend. we fucked for hours with him.

we both enjoyed it very much.

before we start.

I'm jell and this is my partner..gem

she has long ginger hair. i think she is beautiful..

we where on our way out to a night club this night.so i wore a shirt, trousers, and shoe's.gem on the other hand was wearing a blouse without a bra, with a short mini skirt "no knickers", with knee high boot's

i really like to see gem dressed like this as i liked the attention she gets i am not a jealous man I'm very

more of a big brother towards gem.im always telling her she is very beautiful & horny also sexy. so

we got in to the club and ordered a drink to our surprise.people were wearing less than us.talk about being over dressed!

gem started to get a lot of attention from other men plus women so she unbuttoned her top so her breasts were showing a bit, i parted her top a bit more.

anyway we got talking to two women Lucy and dani.but very surprising enough the two girls lucy and dani are in to swinging as well.i thought they were lesbians.but they weren't .

let alone to say they love sex too with different people.

we had some more drinks and all decided to go back to dani's place.

we drank up.dani was looking at gems breast,she said to her you have beautiful breast's i would love to kiss them.

gem just smiled and said go on then.i would like that! very much . gem thought yes please! she wanted this to happen a again.

a stranger touching her places where only i am allowed to touch her.

we made our way back to the car i offered a lift instead of a taxi.before long we where back at the house and i could see lucy and dani were groping

and kissing gems tits in the back of the car in the mirror, her top was off by the time we got to the front door of the house.just her boots and skirt to take off.

we where given a drink and sat down on the sofa. i was told to sit on a single chair lucy and dani sat either side of gem. slowly

touching and kissing her neck, brests.now it was time to take the rest of her clothes off.so the women stripped gem totally naked.i love to watch gem walking round the house in just knickers or naked she's so horny "i thought".then the other women stripped off..their clothes just slid off to the groaned like they weren't on at all.my cock was now harder than ever due to having three gorgeous naked women in front of me. i began to touch myself through my trousers.

gem was loving this attention with two women at once, as she never explored other women except for a kiss here n there.lucy layed gem down and opened her legs to reveal gems beautiful glistening pussy lips,while dani continued to suck and grope her breasts tweaking her nipples.now dani said to me "hey" get it out and wank so we can all see.my god i dropped my trousers and undies then sat back down and began to gently masturbated in front of them gliding my hand up and down the shaft of my solid cock.so they could all see.

i hear-ed someone mutter arrrh thats better 'it was lucy that opened gems legs she was now licking and fingering gem.

gem must have had a trickle of cum, come out of her wet pussy cos lucy started to use two fingers calling her a good girl..dani by her breasts was holding on to them tits as though they were going out of fashion.gem arched her back up into the air when lucy between her legs put a third finger in.. it was nice but a shock cos she weren't expecting that 3rd finger .now gem was gonna cum. i could see it in her body motions the way she was moving lifting up her cunt to meet lucys face.now at the other end her breasts were being bit and sucked till hard. now what else did they have in store for her..lucy was like a dog on heat sucking licking nibbling gems clit and pumping her little pussy so hard i heard a sloppying sound and gem screamed it hurts but DONT STOP !dont stop! dont you dare stop what your doing to me!. well only a woman knows really how to please a woman dont' they. because they know what they like.

i was wanking harder enjoying the show. lucy knew how to please my gem .gem was panting hard and crying as lucy fingered her tight cunt.in n out she went faster n faster .one of the women said whats wrong i didnt see who said it .gem replied nothing its so good.as she spoke she cum deep long n lots she thought it wasent going to stop.i have never seen a girl cum so much.after a while they changed places. dani was now between gems legs licking and masturbating gemma's cunt and lucy was straddling above gems mouth with her legs wide open ,"right above gemma's mouth". i heard her say dont be affraid it wont bite you. i want you to make me cum .so now anticipating gem slowley took her first lick of a womans clit .lucy said open her up and lick all of her!!! .i see gem use her fingers to pull this horny bitches cunt lips wide apart.lucy leand forwards to hold on to the side of the sofa.by this time dani had gemma's legs wide apart and pushed her whole hand up inside gem and was pumping whilst calling out your a naughty girl you like that dont you? you dirty slut!. fuck my fist grind it hard .well i just cum cos of dani's mouth saying what she said. in the mean time she licked at gems cunt to make her cum in her face long strokes with her tongue back n forwards up and down. gem was licking lucys clit so she started to moan and moan and moan lick me hard do it rough i want you! she exclaimed so gem did.. oh god im cumming said lucy .with this she let it all out over gems mouth and neck .what a beautiful sight.i wanted to go over and join in but as i got up the woman (dani) between gems legs told me to sit down and do as i was told. ok in a sheepish voice i replied back.

now lucy on gems mouth had cum and soaked my girl.her juices they were running down her breasts, stickey juices gem had licked n sucked n fingered her first woman" .she smiled with a pleased look on her face as to say that was good i want more.now that lucy shot her hot liquid goo over gem she was happy and proceeded to head my way. she said out loud now you have made me cum .i am going to suck your boyfriends "cock". gem looked up and smiled, go on then do what you like to him i dont mind. well who am i to complain.

she kissed my mouth and grabbed hold of my manhood and shoved it in to her mouth before i was hard .she sucked, licked, for a while until i was rock hard again, i nearly cum but i held it in. .

next thing i knew was she stood up put one leg over the left hand side of me the other to my right and swallowed my cock straight up her cunt and began to ride it .up and down she went (god she felt good she was so wet and soft inside) after what i had seen done to my partner i couldn't resist, i was being told what to do.she fucked me harder and harder bouncing up and down on my cock. i looked at gem as she mouthed over to me (enjoy it huni) so i put my hands on her hips and helped her force her self down with every thrust, 'boy did i'.

gem was told to get on all fours over the side of the sofa they was on .suddley the doorbell rang .

dani who was with gem got up and said to lucy on top of my cock DONT get up .i will get the door.of she went

she came back with both of their boyfriends.peter and joe

joe said man you two girls have been very busy tonight. the boyfriend of lucy who was fucking me she stopped to kiss him then she carryied on enjoying my cock.i couldn't help it i shot my load in side her wet cunt .she kissed me n got off .all our love juices dripped from her as she moved.i could see it running down her legs.it looked very nice

her mate dani was now on her way over to me after her partner kissed her n said i think its your turn with him.he looked at gem and told stay on all fours and he started to lick her pussy and asshole from behind.he put a finger in her ass n two fingers up into her pussy she gasped as he did this.i thought this was great to see her with another man again.. he spat on gems ass again as he pushed another finger in her hole.

lucy who fucked me was now sucking joes cock again he spat on gems asshole again he pushed another finger in her hole.

lucy who fucked me was now sucking joes cock as he layed back on the sofa at the other end.

well dani sat next to me and started to wank me again she started to kiss me deep using her tongue.

i glanced over to gem again then to the other couple they seem to be enjoying their self's i was now semi

hard again this woman sucked my dick like never before it was nice but rather sloppy but nice anyway.

i layed back and closed my eyes and thought of gem doing it to me instead.

now lucy who was sucking joe's cock started to take it up her ars on all fours.peter had his cock out in his hand offering it to gems mouth.he was standing in front of the sofa leaning over still fingering her ars .gem didn't complain.

at all. now this bitch with the sloppy mouth stopped sucking my dick and got off she then faced away from me and held my cock up to her cunt as it was her first cock of the night.she sat right down on it really fast my fore skin hurt as it pulled back as she went down on it fast.i nearly

cum again.she held on to my balls n pulled hard i love this when a woman fucks me cos it turns me on rotten.as she went backwards then forwards again and again fuck me! she was so wet i couldnt believe it how sloppy n squelching sounds were cumming from round my dick.she took all my dick so deep with every pump up n down she went real hard.

gem had sucked peters cock she made him nice and wet so he was ready to fuck her.he then pushed his finger deep in her ars and the other hand deep in her cunt as he pushed his hand up into her wet soaking cunt she jolted back on to it even harder by accident. he continued to move back round to her ars.

he opend her cunt up nice and wide, she, dribbled some love juices down her legs.with no warning he thursted his dick into gem so hard i thought she would of screamed instead she just jumped and breathed loudley.but it just slipped deep in to her cunt past her pussy lips he was pumping and pumping shoving his cock in and out gem was enjoying his cock very much she was riding him for all she was worth like a horse buckeruing .this man had at least 9"inches, she arched up her back and dropped on to her elbows and said shouted at him to FUCK ME HARD. again she said fuck me hard now.well lucy left joe alone for a minute and said to gem how do you like his big manley cock! does it please you she whisperd. gem gasped and said yes its hard to take it all in .lucy said does it fill you up nice and deep all the way.again gem said yes i want him to do it as hard as he can in between panting to get a breath.gem pushed against him every time he pushed forwards she pushed back. he did see to her needs she couldnt stop panting as the friction of his cock pumping in and out of her hole with a burning sensation around her lips, "she started to cum" with a loud" oh my god" im cumming ! ! ! .lucy then came to me and said your wife is getting it big time she will be sore in the mornig . as she said that joe said no she wont i haven't had a go on her yet!

then she be sore .gem began saying i dont care you can all fuck me again after he finishes its so goooooood.

dani had cum for the first time of the night alround my dick n balls she smelled of sexy juices .she was a very natrel fuck as my cock was bigger than her pussy.

dani then pushed me on to my back and she began to ride my face putting her clit in my mouth i couldnt stop her. she called me a bitch .she shouted suck that pussy eat my clit you dirty little boy, thats good give it to me.what could i do she wanted me to suck her clit i thought so i got stuck in .sucking long hard sucks n then i felt my cock being fucked again it was lucy again by now joe had made gem suck his cock which she gladley did without any regrets.as peter had his dick deep inside her cunt she had a swollen clitoris wich was very sensitive . also a pussy which was so wet so moist so engorged with petes big cock. this was her dream to have to men and me watching but i couldnt watch.as i was longing to see her alone with two blokes.as she knows as long as she is satisfied. it makes me happy.me on the other side of the room i had two women fucking and sucking me what more could a man want.well i got this cunt in my face ,i love sucking clit very much.was tongue fucking this woman all the way up to the tip of her excited clit more and more she said doit you bastard. i heard peter start cumming cos his breathing got louder as he panted.

now peter had cum up my gemma i was happy he unloaded his sticky cum deep inside her hole.now it was joes turn he very quickly moved round to gems ars n slipped his manhood into her whilest gabbing her voluptuous tits pinching at the nipples .he pumped and pumped very fast ( i could hear gem groaning arh arh arh arh ! ) now i believed she would be sore in the morning.dani had started to cum in my mouth and she made me drink every drop she ended up sliding down my face rubbing her clit all the way down my chin then neck last of all down my chest.lucy made me cum up insider her again i was at their Mercy .as i could see again joe had turned gem over on to her back and he was fucking her from the front i could see her tits moving she had her legs wrapped round his legs with her hands on his arms as she was lifting her ars up to meet with the push of his cock .fucking properly as i call it. the two girls lucy and dani went over and started to suck gems breasts.also to play with her clit .gems hand was made to finger lucys pussy also dani had her other hand doing the same to her pussy too.i was watching this for about 40minutes as they fingerd and fucked eachother taking it in turns to kiss gems mouth ,breasts. neck .she was about to cum again then peter was hard by watching all this and offerd his cock to gems mouth she sucked as he pumped his manhood into her mouth like a lollypop.

i couldnt stop my self with all this fun so i went over to them.

i kissed lucy then held her head ,she didnt need any encouragement she saw i was hard and slid her mouth over my hard cock.

so i stroked gems and lucys hair and watched my partner getting fucked very nicley indeed.

then lucy asked me if i could cum again so i said yes .she licked around the top of my cock and i cum in her mouth my cock throbed as it pumped my love juices all the way to the tip as she sucked it hurt but it felt nice she swalloed every drop of me.

gem was now cumming and growning arh, arh, arh, arh, oh, oh, ho, yes, yes, yes,,,'' make me cum she thought''

i really like seeing my girlfriend getting a good hard fucking seeing to.

its so horny watching somebody else make her "cum" i want to see lots more of this with her my sexy slut

.after joe had cum he kissed he clit she shuddered n squirmed she said its to sensitive at the moment. joe worked his way up to her breasts he took a nipple in to his mouth and bit sharp on it she screamed.he said that should cure that. peter pushed his cock back it to her mouth and pumped untill he had cum.she went to spit it out he put his hand over her mouth and said dont waste it swallow it the other girls dont waste it he said to her.she gaged cos there was so much but she got it down.

the two girls asked gem to get on all fours again. now we watched as dani put a strap on "dick on" round her weist and proceeded to push this up gems pussy from behind while lucy layed infront of her.. legs open.. she said i know this is your 1st evening with women but you have to learn to suck clit properly.now down you go 'lucy held her lips apart'.so gem could get a nice look and a good lick.as she started to lick, lucy said thank you.

she pushed her tongue in and out of her hole, tongue fucking her .i watched lucy lay back and closed her eyes shuddering and shaking as gems tongue kept flicking over her clitoris every fourth stroke.

the two guys joe n peter watched with delight to see 3 women sucking n fucking.dani was thrusting deeper cos gem was getting wet again the dildo was to long she made my gem go aaaarrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh.then she let out a sigh of relief she started to cum.as she cum dani pumped harder again after she cum she put it straight up gemma's ars it went straight in.i have never been alowed to do that to my "girl".

she didnt say a word she just let dani do it.dani said your ars wasent a virgin hole was it. gem repleid yes it was but its not now.

i couldn't believe what i heard .so i said from now on thats part of sex. gem just lifted her head and grinned at me .dani must have fucked gem for about an hour grinding up her ars before she stopped.

now it was lucys turn to cum again gem speeded her tongue up flickking her clit and inserted a finger then a 2nd then a 3rd. lucy crying with joy use more you sexy slut, use more!.so gem put a 4th finger then her thumb .they seemed to slip up into lucy so easily.. gem was fisting this woman harder and harder.she started what looked like wee but it was her cumming it went all over gem's face,neck,shoulders,n hair. gem had an orgasm to cos of the dildo up her ars.she said thats making me cum .its so good its better than a cock in my pussy.she proceeded to say jell fuck me please fuck me in my pussy if you wana feel my cunt grip your cock.i took no time and layed down underneath she helped me push my cock in to her.she fucked me like there was no tomorrow she felt much better than either of the other two girls that fucked me that night.she was loose but had tight muscles in her sopping grinding cunt .she kissed me and held her lips against mine thrusting deep down on to me.dani pumped a bit harder .suddenly a big gush of warm cum shot out of gemma she made my night i love being soaked by her love juices es.

she slowly got her breath back and said i love you bug!

im glad we started this swinging..

gem climbed off me after dani removed the strap on dick.

she sat next to us kissed gem and said i hope you enjoyed tonight . your both welcome here anytime you want.

with that we got cleaned up and went on our way home.

so we opened the front door.gem was very tired by now.

she had been fucked rotten.good job they did on you i exclaimed to gem.

i lay by her side and we slid off to sleep

what a nickering night.

we cant wait to do it again!