Written by dobin

3 Oct 2006

Moving on from the last story about a year, I was asked to a sort of house warming party, Jim and Caz had bought their first home, a one bed house in Saffron Walden, I say a sort of house warming because I was the only one invited.

Caz and I had seen each other occasionally over the last year and had sex where and whenever we could, without Jim's knowledge. On this evening it was very warm, I was commando in white shorts, Jim attended to the barbeque and Caz wore a very summery in not a little long printed dress that showed she had no bra on and in certain light could see the outline of her legs beneath it.

The food was good and copious quantities of drink were being consumed, the evening was even warmer, Jim and I sat in the small garden facing the house where Caz was sitting on the steps of the French doors, her dress was now pulled up and with some of her moves I could see that knickers were not part of the dress code on this night. She could see me staring to look up her dress and responded, moving her seat to be directly in front of me and I was soon getting a great view of her cunt. The effect was immediate and my cock was straining down the side of my leg, finally popping its head out for her to see and laugh about, she made some comment and got up, walked over to me and with her hand now on my huge bell end said, 'now put that away it looks dangerous', Jim just smiled and she did something to his cock too and said that we had better not get any ideas.

Jim went to the loo and I saw this as a chance to get a handful and sat in front of Caz kissing her and put my hand directly down her elasticated top to feel her great tits and was soon stopped by the flushing sound and back to my seat.

The night went on with some great chat, sexy, funny and horny sometimes and we all said it was time to move indoors as the night air was chilling, Jim again went to the loo and again I approached Caz who was now on the settee and kissed her and got both of her tits out, I was sucking heavily and getting some deep moaning and writhing as Jim joined us in the room, he immediately pulled Caz's legs to the side and opened them up pushing his fingers deep up her cunt and the moaning was now becoming near to an orgasm.

After a while I signalled to Jim that we swapped places and as we did I stuck my mouth over the sweetest smelling wettest cunt I have ever tasted, flicking her button she was in raptures, Jim was now sucking her nipples as if he had never eaten before and I was as horny as fuck, I removed my shorts and was quickly thrusting my cock deep into Caz's cunt and as I started she came with a huge scream and bucked against my cock for more.

The evening was closing and she and Jim decided it was bedtime, I was made up a bed downstairs on the floor and off they went. I heard the familiar sound of bonking in the bedroom above and then silence and I fell asleep. I was awoken by a kiss and a hand fondling my very limp cock and balls, Caz was there naked and obviously very horny, she said Jim was so fast asleep that a bomb wouldn't wake him and I needed no more invitation, my cock was growing in her hand now and her kisses were wet and lusty her tits brushed my chest, when she finally got my cock to her desired stiffness she mounted me and guided my now huge cock into her soaking wet cum filled hole. We fucked for ages and she went back to bed saying something about me bringing them a cup of tea up in the morning…some plan she had.

I did as I was asked at the relevant time and entered the room with just a towel around my waste and sat on the bed as we chatted until Jim said he had to have a bath because he was having to work that day. Caz now sat up naked in the bed and let the duvet cover drop so I could see her tits. When Jim was in the bath she jumped up and opened the door and asked Jim if he minded if I could fuck her again because I did not cum last night and needed to release my load. Jim said it would be ok, of course I had cum 3 times the night before but he never knew that.

She came and layed down with legs apart and just asked me to fuck her hard, I looked at her cunt lips and saw they were red from the pounding I had given her during the night. I was soon between her legs and aiming for the spunk to shoot deep up her cunt as soon as possible, Just at the moment I was starting my short strokes Jim walked from the bathroom and just stood by the side and watched, I must have pumped shots of my thick cum up Caz about a dozen times each one decreasing in volume and could even feel it around my own prick such was the volume. I layed there for a while as my cock softened inside her, kissing her and fondling her nipples, Jim was now so horny, his smaller cock was rigid and as I rolled off he rolled on and fucked her until he also shot his good sized load deep inside her.

Once again Jim left for work but this time knowing we would soon be shagging after he has gone and once again it was deep in the afternoon when we finally stopped.

My next adventure was with Caz and again without Jim knowing and we had our fisrt trip into the swinging world as a couple…watch this space!