Written by aqua

21 Dec 2005

I first met Sam at Destiny in Cheshire Oaks near Chester/Elesmere Port. It was Christmas time and me and a friend had decided to go out. In the club I noticed a group of girls obviously all friends and went dancing over, grinding against them all. Jo, a tall dark haired slim beauty with blue eyes. Then a girl with short with blonde hair. Finally SAM with her brown hair and cute smile and big brown puppy eyes. She was really pretty. I got to dancing with her and soon kissing. I ended up leaving the club with her and driving her home.

I met her the next day in chester and we ended up having some fun and found out we had a lot in common. Within a few days we were having sex but not just any type of sex this was pretty hardcore. Tied up on the bed with handcuffs. Did this to me once before she went to work and left me locked up for over 8 hours with no means of escape. She liked me to tie her up with school ties and then whip her ass and turn the whip round and pleasure her with the handle. She was very kinky and came up with many ideas. She loved to swallow every drop of spunk whilst doing oral and refered to it as her big tasty drink. She liked to be fucked over a bath tub with her head submerged under that water until she was near breathlesness and I would pull her out to get a breath before plunging her back under for more. She seemed to love it anyway... Got this from during rough sex where she would want me to throttle her and slap her. Also moved up a notch when she wanted to be a toilet slut which involved fucking her doggy style over the toilet bowl with her head right in and at the point of climax would flush the toilet with her head down it. Also would masterbate with a knife handle before turning it round to carry on but with the blade. She was also Bi and would get off with old school friends and invite me to watch or join in although we did have some rules for this. However we would go on hunts together to pickup girls at bars that we both liked and then take pleasure in seducing them at our flat. She was seriously kinky. I had loads of fun with her.