Written by mickley

21 Jul 2005

I should have known. I really should have known what might happen. As soon as old Peacock the Principle told me, as his deputy, that I had to discipline 17 year old Tracey Green for breaking the sixth form college's dress code, I should have thrown a sickie!

What can I say. Tracey is the college sex-bomb. All the lads chase after her, and secretly, rather unprofessionally, I myself fancied her like mad. Me, a mid-forties married man, feeling so attracted to a teenage girl disturbed me a little to say the least.

She knocked on the door. I shouted for her to come in my sternest teacher voice. Christ what a sight! Blazing auburn hair. Pretty green eyes. She had the looks and she knew it, too. Her blouse was undone two buttons too low, or dare I say perfectly. Loose tie. Her skirt way too short to be decent, and her pink ankle socks looked odd.

And that was just her clothes! She was wearing shiny ruby 'snog me' lipgloss, and she had those natural freckles that older men like me find so attractive.

'Tracy!' I said to her sternly as she slouched in looking so brazen chewing her bubblegum. 'You have got to learn to follow the rules.'

'What's up, sir?' she answered all coy and provocatively. 'What have I done now, sir?'

'We have strict dress code rules at this college,' I told her and went through the long list of all the things that were wrong.

'Your skirt is too short!' I told her. I should have avoided that one.

I knew I'd said the wrong thing.

'You shouldn't be noticing things like that, sir. Don't you like my legs or summat?'

God I was in deep shit already! Yes I did. I adored them. Her legs were so silky smooth, long and sexy. I pulled my glasses down to the end of my nose, like teachers do when they are trying to reassert themselves.

' That is not the point,' I spit out nervously. She knew she'd got me. I could tell by the glint in her eye and the suggestive way she tilted her head.

'I like you, sir, like all the other girls in my class do.' God I was getting horney. She kept staring at my bulge. The more she stared, the harder it got.

Then she crossed the barrier. 'I can see you like me, sir.' She licked her luscious lips so suggestively.

By now the other staff had all gone home. The cleaners wouldn't be in until six. It was 4:15. Me alone with sexy Tracy Green.

She hiked her skirt up as she looked at me. I caught a glimpse of her pink panties.

'You looking at my knickers, sir?' Fuck! There was no going back. I could feel the pre-cum ousing from my cock. I was so hard, horney and wanted to fuck her so bad.

I looked at her in a way a teacher shouldn't look at a student. She gave me the sexiest, dirtiest look back as she teasingly tongued her plump, luscious lips again.

She wheeled her chair up to me. She cupped my face gently with her hands and kissed me gently. Christ I wanted her so bad! The kiss got deeper and hotter. Soon our tongues were dancing around each other's eager mouths. She started to rub my cock through my trousers.

'Do you like that, sir?' she teased as she undid my flies.

Like it! She was driving me fucking crazy!

She released my eager cock and started to wank me slowly. God, the times I'd done this secretly in my office thinking of her. And now my fantasy was reality.

I reached and started to rub her though her silky pink knickers. She was sopping wet. So was I. We kissed passionately. I ran my fingers through her tousled hair. God I could smell her aroma from her pussy. It smelled so sweet.

Then she really went for it. She undid my shirt buttons as I nuzzled her neck, and she slowly began to undress me.

She leaned her head forward and kissed the tip of my cock. She stared up at me longingly: her lips glistening with my pre-cum. Then she took me in her mouth fully. Did she know how to suck or what! She tongued me and teased me, and then took me deep inside her hot sexy mouth.

Christ this was heaven on earth! I slid my hand inside her knickers. She pulled away from my cock so that I could peel off her sweet-scented panties. I ran my forefinger over her shaven pussy and teased her swollen clit. Man, did she moan! I began to finger fuck her.

'Faster, sir.' she panted hotly. I went down on my knees. I just had to taste this amazing girl. She tasted so good. So fucking good. I was ecstatic.

'You still mad at me, sir' she moaned in that sexy voice of hers.

I didn't answer her. I was ready to fuck now. So ready to slide my aching cock into her soaking-wet love tunnel.

She was ready too. She positioned herself, kneeling, arms draped over the backrest of the chair and demanding me to shag her from behind.

I slid my cock up her and we started to fuck together. I shunted vigorously as we built up a fantastic rhythm together. Faster and faster. Louder and louder. If the cleaners came in early I was fucked! But I didn't care. This was worth risking everything for. God, could she shag!

We were both on the edge at the same time and came together in a noisy, sweaty climax.

She got up and tidied her attire. I got dressed. We kissed, only a peck this time. We smiled.

'I think I've learned my lesson, sir,' she purred as she paraded towards the door.

''Just make sure you break the rules more often,' I said sternly as I put my glasses back on and pulled them to the end of my nose.'

She blew a kiss as she opened the door. 'Same time next week, sir.'