Written by drc

3 Sep 2005

Have you noticed how the straightest people are often the dirtiest ? A few years ago my then girlfriend, F, and I were looking as flats. One day we viewed a place we liked but couldn't decide on. It was a hot day which always made us randy

so it was no surprise when she said,'well, theres one way to see if it suits us...' as she stood in front of me and pulled up her summer dress to show off her bare, shaven pussy. She put one hand down to tickle her clit then slipped two fingers into her cunt then put them in her mouth and sucked on them. My shorts couldn't hide my huge hard-on so looking me in the eye she puuled out my cock and started to wank me slowly but wouldn't let me touch her which drove me nuts. The only furniture in the room was an old chair so she turned round, leant forward on it and pushed her pretty little arse towards me. I went behind her with my hands on her waist and put the fat head of my prick against her soft pussy. I made her wait before sliding my thick shaft as far inside her as I could then began to fuck her with a sweet rhythm while F held the chair tightly and swore out loud. We both would have come in a minute if the door hadn't opened

and another couple walked in ! They were older than us and wearing business suits like lawyers or accountants. No-one said anything, just stared. Then he said, 'We're J and A, the owners and held his hand out for me to shake while I was still inside F ! They walked around the room as if everything was normal then she said, 'Warm in here, isn't it' and F replied, 'Yeah, warm and wet'. They took off their jackets: I saw he was in good shape and she had a great slim body. Then they came over, very confident, and both began to feel us up, putting their hands all over F's tits and nips, stroking her hair and face, then he put his hand on my balls, the dirty bi-fucker ! My cock had softened a bit but this put that right - I was soon harder than even before which F felt as she squeezed me with her cunt muscles. A French kissed F while F put a hand on his cock through his trousers which I copied - he was very well hung, the type F would love to suck off in a nightclub or car park. A grabbed my other hand and put it against her tits which, to be honest, were even better than F's with hugh hard nipples which stuck right out through her blouse. He put a hand between both our legs, touching her clit and my cock as it came out soaked in F's cunt juice. They swore worse than F, telling us to go faster and exactly what they would like to do with us next. F came first, really loudly and strong, gripping his balls as she did. Then I began to come and pushed harder which set F off again and she had a second quick orgasm as I came loads deep in her pussy. Then we stood there getting our breath back while they just put their jackets on and left ! But when we bought the flat we had a private party for four...it went on all weekend.