Written by pussy

9 Apr 2007

Isn't it amazing the power of thought, I feel horny, I think about writing something and that's enough to make me cum, I can feel the cum lining my panties, and as I put my hand down to feel them they are so warm and getting increasingly wet. I'm thinking about a couple I know, so far I have only met up with the guy, a very old friend of mine, I tied him spreadeagled to the bed once, sat astride him and sunk my pussy onto his tongue, rode him for all i was worth, rode his nose his tongue his mouth, he sucked up my juices, drank in my scent and swallowed all of my dripping cum. after a while so he could breathe a bit better,lol, we swopped over i lay back on the bed, spread my legs wide and after a little fingering, he dived in with his tongue, pressing it deeep inside me, fucking my cunt with his mouth. I could stay like that for hours, he got a bit tired, so I gave him a little break but then demanded more attention for my aching clit. We carried on for several hours, next morning he had pulled a muscle in his tongue, but he conceded it had been worth it!!

His fiance wants to meet me, and we have a three some. I imagine all the ways often when I want to cum, somethimes thinking about it is more of a turn on than doing it, but as Im not into cock, but do like to watch couples fucking, odd I am, lol, I know, I can see me playing with myself watching him fuck her doggy style, then she beckoning me over and I lie back while she goes down on me, he still fucking her, as he can see her pleasuring me that turns him on all the more and he fucks her hard, pounding his cock into her, she getting more excited and sucking my clit harder. Further on we tie him to the bed, she straddles his cock for a fuck, and I his mouth to fuck his tongue some more, she and I kiss and suck each others breasts and tickle our clits and.........(more sometime soon!)

This is what he has told me happens when he fucks his fiance and he said feel free to share it with you all "actually I can't get my hand around to play with her pussy but her nipples seem to connect with her clit, so if I play with her tits while sliding into her ass, it seems to make her cum more. In fact i can even make her cum by just tweaking her nipples..... for some reason she really loves the feeling of being pounded up her ass rather than pussy, even to the point of not being able to walk properly later, and the thought of her trying to sit down after having an assful of cum is a bit of a turnon. Its got to the stage where normal sex is actually just part of the warmup almost! But yes she loves the feeling of having her ass full, and when I cum, she's in complete heaven. Although actually once, although she'd been cumming for about 10 minutes, I hadn't, so when she'd had enough, I was still nowhere near. I guess i'd done too much the previous nights having filled her up on each previous occasion.

We start usually with me playing with her nipples, and giving her at least a couple of orgams that way, then if I feel evil, I'll play with her clit a while and give her another. After that, i slide (NEVER need KY at all) into her pussy from behind, normal missionary doesn't work for us, (she's slightly the wrong shape) then I give it to her slowly then fast to make sure she comes as often as possible. Then when she's had enough, I gently take her up the ass slowly building up the speed till she's had enough or I cum. All in about 15 minutes. Very often she's as weak as a kitten and seeing stars by the time we're done, and I'm not much better!"

Now with her her permission also, this is what she has fantasized on, about what could happen when the three of us get together, and what she and he have talked about over the phone to make each other cum.

"One warm summer night, out in the hot tub the bubble jets flowing all of us enjoying the warm water.. i come on to you start kissing yr neck, collar bone, gentle teasing my way up to yr lips, breathing in the taste of yr mouth one hand holding yr head.. the other cupping yr breast feeling for yr nipple.. letting my fingers feel yr body making u go hard. i lower my head so i can suck on the hard nipple. R has gone around u.. he slips his fingers down on yr pulsing clit each small movement he push harder, he wants to feel the heat rise from yr cunt.. with yr hands u r grasping at my tits... u play with my nipples as they get harder my clit wants u to respond. . i want to cum by yr fingers hard, deep & fast, u r between the both of us. i know u dont like cock but its hard, R moves over to me , u sit on the ledge of the hot tub, open up yr cunt for me to slip my tongue into the more i get into u the harder R is fucking me.. every time he push i push u.. u hold my head down on u.. i want more of the both of you. R is about to cum. each push harder he gives in to cock and lets go..still wanting to feel full i lead u to the house.. the classic 69 u on top of me, i get yr full hot wet cunt to lick, suck, taste,play until u cum all over my mouth.. u play with one of my toys ramming this hard vibrating cock in to me , every push gets harder, deeper.. u suck deep to taste every last bit of cum. by now R has seen us fuck, the hardness of his cock is wanting more.. u move so we can fuck..."