Written by tigs

20 Jan 2006

The dim sunlight shone in through the window of the restaurant as I looked across the table, a cheeky smile crossing my lips as I did so. You sitting opposite me, with Bex beside you, Luke beside me, I suddenly found the whole situation very amusing.

The conversation flowed nicely, and occasionally I would give you a little cheeky wink or a smile to let you know I was thinking about you


When the pizza's were brought over I could resist it no more, knowing that your leg was only a few inches from mine I cheekily reached under the table and gently ran my fingertips up the smooth, toned skin of your calves.

Seeing the shock on your face almost made me giggle, but I knew if I was to get away with what I had planned for you I would have to be as subtle as possible.

As we ate our pizza's I took the opportunity to cheekily stroke your thigh, letting you know that I did indeed have some very naughty Idea's in my head with a little wink.

All through dinner I teased you, running my fingertips up your thigh, pushing gently against your clit on a couple of occasions. Then just at the very height of my teasing I stopped suddenly, adjusting myself under the table so my erection wasn't obvious I quickly stood and excused myself as needing the bathroom, winking and beckoning to you as I left.

As I walked into the bathroom my heart beat fast, the bathroom was fortunately empty but I was so nervous, not knowing if you were coming or not.

Swallowing hard as I heard footsteps outside the room. The door swang open and a smile crossed my face as I saw it was you.

Within seconds I was in your arms, my lips meeting yours hungrily, passionately as they always do. My tongue snaking quickly into your mouth, tasting you.. Our desperation obvious as I push you against the marble sink top.

Hungry, desperate to have you I quickly begin to tear at your clothes.. Your fingers as they so often do coming to my jeans and trying to free my cock.

Biting my lip hard as I push myself against you, by now you have managed to free my cock and are stroking hungrily up and down the thick shaft. Kissing you hungrily I Pull down your jeans, leaving you in a tiny, sexy, pair of black French knickers.

Leaning in once more to kiss you as you stroke my cock, my fingertips curl into your knickers and gently tease them down your legs. Looking in your eyes as I pull down my jeans I see your lust, as hot and burning as my own as I pull you towards me. My cock still in your hand, my fingers quickly come to cup your sex, pressing my middle finger gently inside you as You stroke me.

Gasping in delight as I feel the heat of you around my digit. Looking into your eyes as we tease one another, both knowing that we have to be quick. Hungrily you pull yourself down against my cock, pushing the head roughly against you in your desire to feel me inside you. Moaning out loud I push my hips forward, the thick head of my cock slowly sliding into your hot pussy as you push yourself down against me. Letting out a low moan as I feel the soft, wet heat of your pussy close around my shaft, almost crying out before I remember we are in a public place.. Watching as you slide yourself fully onto me and your eyes close tight with the delight of feeling so full.

Grunting as I pulled you around me, my hips moving in slow gentle thrusts, feeling your tight walls squeeze against me as my shaft slid slowly in and out of you. Biting my lip hard as I felt you tense your muscles and tighten around me. Even a quicky for us it seemed was destined to be passionate ad sensual. Hungrily I began to increase the pace of my thrusting, my fingertips coming down to your clit to tease it from side to side. Your stifled moans suddenly becoming louder as I expertly tease your clit, my cock sliding smoothly in and out of you as I bring you to your climax. My cock hungrily flexes in you as you reach orgasm, the thick powerful spasms of your orgasm sending wave after wave of unbearable pleasure through my shaft as you rode out your climax.

Sensing my own climax near I quickly pulled my cock from within you, the shaft throbbing in delight, as you quickly came to your knees to take it into your mouth.

Closing my eyes tightly as I felt the softness of your lips graze over the head of my cock, followed by the delightful heat of your mouth as you quickly take my throbbing shaft in. Your tongue snakes up and against the sides as you expertly suck on me drawing my orgasm nearer and nearer.

Unable to contain myself any longer I bite hard down on my lip as My cock begins to twitch in your mouth. Spurt after hot sticky spurt of my thick warm cum pumping from my shaft as you expertly bring me to orgasm. Swallowing down as I cum I look down at you, the cheeky dirty look on your face as you suck me almost making me cum again. Reaching down I pull you to your feet, my tongue hungrily sliding into your mouth to taste you as we kiss. Suddenly realising we are in a public toilet we pull up our respective underwear's and make our way back to our friends at our table. I'm sure they must have noticed the cheeky smiles on our faces when we returned, but nothing was said.