Written by john001

9 Jan 2007

This is a true story and is the brief summary of what happened.

By profession I am a photographer and over the years have had many strange requests. I had met a young couple at a swingers club in the West Midlands and we hit if off straight away and the conversation turned to their wish, a wish to be photographed in their most intimate moments, something that they had tried to do themselves before but not successfully. I told them what I did and we all arranged to meet at their house the following week.

The time and day arrived and I knocked at the door and was greeted by a very nervous lady. She was dressed in a very short dressing gown,stockings and suspenders very visible. I went into the large through lounge and her husband was sat naked on the settee with a very obvious and rather large erection. You couldn't miss it !! 'Oh I couldn't wait to start and it helped with the nerves' was the explanation. We all agreed that I would use a video and stills together and would let them take the lead and see how things went.

She went back down on him and began to suck his entire length and sucked his balls running her tongue down the entire length. 'My turn now' and he took off her gown, stocking,suspenders crutchless pants and a peephole bra. This was obviously going to be good. He went to work on her licking and sucking hard moving from her nipples to her now very wet lips. He inserted a finger, then 2, then 3 she thrust her hips to meet his thrusts and started to moan very gently. She lent over and looked up at me and smiled, well more of a smerk really and then winked. She lent over and took hold of a very large jet black vibrator licked it and then began to play with her very wet and very sensitive button. He moved over and let her carry on, she beckoned him over and again she took his length into her mouth and began to deep throat him.He began to thrust into her and they both moaned with pleasure. I moved closer and took some stills as I raised my hand they knew instinctively to stop while the picture was taken and then carried on oblivious. 'I want more now' and she removed the vibrator that had done its job and he immediately took its place, he thrust hard into her making her squeal and he kept this up for what seemed ages her legs were spread really wide but my view was obscured slightly. She knew and turned onto all fours and again he thrust into her with relentless energy right out to the edge and then right back in. A finger was then inserted into her anus,he stopped his thrusting and she pushed back onto his finger and rode his finger and stiff cock at the same time. She was really turned on now and was maoning very loudly.

I moved around to the front and filmed her expressions of sheer passion. Then she did what I had hoped for she reached up and unzipped my trousers and revealed a large rock hard cock, 'Oh I thought you were a professional and were concentrating on the photos ha ha ha' I said 'I might be a pro but I'm human' the video camera went onto the tripod and I kept the stills camera handy. 'Come on join us' and he nodded in agreement. I was naked in a second and she then went down on me while he kept thrusting into her from behind. He changed positions and she climbed on top of me, she was so wet she ground down onto me and was riding me for all her worth. I wondered where he had gone but he had took up the camera and was taking his own pictures. He then went back to the rear of her and knelt between her legs and she whispered 'Oh no, please please oh yes do it' with that I felt his cock enter her ass and begin to thrust we both began to ride her and there was no turning back now.

'Oh my God I'm coming' she cried, 'Please don't either of you come yet,not yet' This was really difficult we were both in full flow but we managed to hold on. He pulled out of her and she got up off me and she knelt before us both and grabbed us and with a smile on her face began to suck and lick us both we'd done well to hold on before but not now, I was first to break and shot all over face and in her mouth. He pulled away and said 'I want this on film and close up' he bent her over and buried himself deep in her ass opening it up wide and pulling out to the tip and leaving her gaping wide hole and then back into the hilt, she was screaming in passion and then he came, gallons or so it seemed, in her ass and over her back. I managed to capture all of this on film (thank god for tripods).

We have had 2 further sessions and I'll see what the reaction is to this story and see whether to share them.

Any other takers??????