Written by middlepark

2 Mar 2007

Mel's left hand is now resting on Dod's shoulder, her eye's are closed, gasping for breath, her heart racing. Her right hand is now wrapped around his monster cock.

She gently rubs her fingers up and down the erect cock, her hand then wraps around it. She is still for a while then pulls his cock into her.

As Dod's helmet enters her pussy she gulps for breath, moving her body forward as though someone had punched her in the stomach. Her breathing is now in short gulps: tears are in her eyes.

She stops with about 3' of his cock in her pussy. Dod waits for Mel, not pushing himself into her. Hatred fills up within me but at the same time I want to see my wife fucked by this fucking monster of a cock.

Mel pushes herself upright, still holding onto his shoulders. She looks into his eyes and he gently starts to rock his hips. Mel, gulping for breath, heart racing and her pink juicy pussy being stretched with every movement made by that monster cock.

Paula was now right up close watching Dod's cock enter Mel, her fingers running over his back and arse while the other hand was at her pussy, gently rubbing her clit.

I look back to Mel: Dod's cock was now about 4 – 5' inside her. She wanted more but her pussy couldn't take any more at that moment. I rush upstairs to get some gel. I want to stop Dod fucking my wife but I also desperately want to see him fuck her with his huge cock. I get the gel and go back down stairs.

Dod takes his cock out of Mel: it looks fucking enormous with the foreskin pulled back. Paula applies the gel to both of them, taking her time as she rubs it onto Dod's cock.

As Dod goes to put his cock back into Mel, he pushes her down onto the table. He puts his arms under her knees and lifts her legs up a little: he is now in control of fucking my wife.

Mel's pink shaven pussy is now fully exposed to everyone in the room, I feel pre cum leaking out of my cock and when I look down I see that I am as hard as a rock.

Dod now stands closer to Mel and without any warning pushes about half of his cock inside her. Mel's body starts to squirm in pleasure, her hands now at her nipples.

He waits and then starts to rock his hips again, moving his cock about 2' in and out for a start. After a couple of minutes, Dod starts to push his cock further into Mel.

Mel, with one hand playing, stretching her nipples and the other playing with her clit is lost to everyone in the room. She is now in her own world where nothing else matters apart from getting fucked by that monster cock.

I look at her pussy and see that every time Dod pulls out or pushes in, Mel's pussy lips follow his cock, being pulled and stretched with every movement.

Mel starts to moan more loudly, her fingers playing harder with her clit, Dod knows that she is almost coming so starts to go quicker. Mel cum's, her hands drop onto the table. Dod now has about 9' of his cock inside her, he pushes hard and Mel's pussy finally swallows his full 12.5 '.

She wriggles under him and cum's again. Dod starts to pump his huge cock in and out of Mel, pulling out about 6' before ramming it back inside her. His rhythm starts to pick up, getting faster with each stroke but still only pulling out about half his cock at a time.

Dod is now pumping his cock in and out of Mel as quick as he can, Mel is almost screaming now, I have never heard her like this before, almost animal like. Her pink pussy is now at full stretch and she is loving it.

Without any warning, Dod pulls his monster cock almost fully out, just leaving his helmet inside Mel and then pushes it back in hard and quick. Mel can hardly breath, she is left clutching for breath.

Dod is now pulling his cock right out before thumping it back in. The pace is picking up, both trying to fuck each other quicker than before. Mel's pussy is now red but still very wet. Dod's cock is now slipping in and out of her pussy with very little resistance from Mel. Her screams of pleasure now echo around the room.

I stand and watch Dod fucking my wife with his huge cock, wanting him now to fuck her hard. Paula must have noticed me staring as she comes round to me, gets onto her knees and takes my cock in her mouth. Her mouth is nice and warm, wet and pussy like. She starts off very gently, somehow sensing that I want to watch Mel getting fucked without having to concentrate on getting a blowjob.

Paula seems very happy to just suck on my cock. She stops suddenly as Mel screams very loud. We are both now transfixed at both Mel and Dod fucking.

Dod is pulling his cock out as far as possible with every stroke, moving his cock in and out of Mel's wet pussy very quickly. Mel raises her hips with every inward stroke Dod makes. Her panting quickens and we can all tell she is almost coming.

She moans loudly when she cum's, her legs collapse and Dod lowers them back onto the table. He is now leaning over Mel with his arm supporting his body. He keeps shagging Mel, his pace and strokes never alter.

Mel tries to wrap her legs around his waist but she can't as they are trembling. He helps get her legs wrapped around his waist and before long he has her almost coming again. She cannot keep her legs up and they fall back onto the table.

Paula takes my cock out of her mouth and goes to the table next to them both: still on her knees she is so close that she can smell Mel's wet pussy.

Dod doesn't stop, he keeps shagging Mel hard and she cum's again. This time her legs are being thrown about by herself when she cum's. She is shaking, her whole body trembling.

Again Dod doesn't stop. He takes her by the ankles and lift's her legs up onto his shoulders. I move to the end of the table so I can watch Mel's pussy being fucked, pulled and stretched at the same time.

With her legs right up in the air he starts off slowly, letting her get her breath back before fucking her hard once again.

Mel's breathing is now under control. Dod pushes her legs back a little more then starts to pump his huge cock in and out of Mel. His full length going in and out of her pussy with each stroke. Mel is now moaning loudly again, Dod's strokes start to get shorter and faster. They are both almost coming.

I don't want Dod to cum inside Mel, deep down I know that I didn't really want to let him fuck my wife but I am also wanting him to go for a while yet.

Mel cum's again, this time her whole body is shaking, trembling with pleasure. Her body squirms on top of the table. Both hand's are at her pussy, feeling Dod's huge cock go inside her. He senses that he is about to cum and up's his pace for the last time.

Mel is totally fucked in both senses of the word. Even with her eyes closed I could tell that she was looking at Dod. Dod takes his cock out of Mel and turns towards Paula. She takes his huge cock in her mouth and he shoots his cum into her mouth. The cum drips from her mouth onto the floor.

Paula and Dod make their way to the living room while Mel tries to get off the table. She is shaking, her body still trembling from being fucked by a monster cock. As she stands her legs give way, they are still shaking from the shagging.

As I help her onto her feet she whispers thank you. My emotions are now all over the place, if she had said nothing I probably would have been ok with what had happened but now I didn't know what to think.

I leave Mel in the shower and come down stairs to see Paula and Dod shagging on the sofa, I turn and go back upstairs leaving them and me to our own thoughts of what had gone on over the 24 hours or so.