Written by middlepark

18 Feb 2007

It was a little after three when I awoke, when I turned over Mel had already gone. I thought back over the events of last night. I was still a little numbed that in the 20 years that Mel and I had been together, not once had I the faintest idea about her bi side. It also made me wonder what else had been happening behind my back that I didn't know about.

My thoughts turned to Paula, someone that I didn't really like but now I found myself fantasising about. Even for her plumpish size and large pussy I wanted to fuck her again. With that thought my cock went rigid. I pushed the covers back and started to wank my full 9' cock. My thoughts were all on Paula and what I would do to her pussy and arse given another chance.

I flushed my cum down the en-suite toilet and pulled on some shorts. As I opened the bedroom door I heard the girls voices coming from the other bathroom. As I went in Paula's big toe was playing with Mel's pussy. Mel had Paula's other toe in her mouth and one leg over Paula's shoulder, the other over the edge of the bath. 'Fancy joining us' asked Paula? If there was room yes I replied. I left them to it and went to shower.

Although a little scarred of what was happening, I was excited as well. The girls came down stairs as the football results were coming in. Mel asked if I wanted to go out for tea or get another take away. I was not bothered one way or the other but at least with a takeaway we could get stuck in again ASAP.

Paula asked if we had any single well-endowed friends. We had plenty single friends but whether they had a big cock or not was another matter. I did know of someone, a locker room legend. They called him 'COCK OF THE NORTH' and it was not for his love of chickens. I told Paula about Dod's legendary status within the local gym. She almost came in her pant's thinking about his over sized cock. I also had to mention that he was married but that had never stopped him in the past. In fact, the only thing a lady needed for Dod to shag her was a pulse.

I eventually got hold of Dod, told him that we had a lady in need of a decent fuck and if he was available would he oblige the lady. He didn't need asking twice and said he would be round in a couple of hours.

Mel nipped out for the takeaway. As soon as she was out the door I asked Paula if she was up for a quickie. Without even batting an eyelid she bent over the sofa offering her shaven pussy to me. My shorts were down and my cock went straight up her without any problem. I could not get over how big her pussy was. Mel had a very tight pussy: she always did her pelvic exercise's, which made her pussy very tight. but Paula's was just big. Not slack or sagging, just BIG. As I was taking her doggy style my hand moved round to her clitoris. Her hand was already they're making sure that I was not the only one to cum.

It was not long before I felt myself coming. I told Paula and she said to sit on the arm of the sofa. Paula started to suck my cock, she managed to work her tongue and head together very well. Not long after she had started the blowjob I shot about five loads of cum in her mouth. Again she ate up every last drop. She then sat on the sofa, legs wide apart and started to play with herself. Her left hand was probing and fucking her pussy while her right was bringing her to orgasm. With a huge sigh of relief, she crossed her legs a couple of times before sitting there trembling with pleasure. I was ready to fuck her again but she said, I had to wait for later.

Dod arrived when he said he would. At 45 he was starting to loose his rugby player build but according to the girls still very attractive. Dod sat down next to Paula and started to make small talk. It was not long into the small talk when Paula came right out and asked Dod if the 'locker room' gossip was true. He smiled and said she would find out later – if lucky.

The girls went upstairs leaving us boys to talk about the football. Mel came down stairs first. She was wearing her black stocking and suspenders with high heels. A very revealing black lace slip that did nothing to hide her lovely round and very erect nipples. The see through French knickers was the icing on the cake. I could see Dod getting very aroused and excited. He could not take his off my wife. I was confused to my feelings but to also what exactly was going on.

Paula came down stairs with a pair of lace French knickers over her suspenders. She went straight over to Dod and told him to stand up. His bulge in his pants was apparent to everyone in the room. Paula undid his trousers and he stepped out of them. His boxers could not contain his erect penis. I was trembling at what was in there. I always thought that I had a biggish cock at 9' (we've all measured it at some point).

When Paula finally got his cock out she put both hands round it and started to wank him off. I glanced round to Mel only to see her licking her lips and having one hand inside her pants.

Paula's lips were at full stretch while trying to give Dod a blowjob. After a couple of minutes she gave up the blowjob as her jaw was aching. Mel moved in on Dod's cock now. Both girls were at each of his side's, licking his HUGE erect cock. My emotions were running all over the place, here was my wife licking on another mans enormous cock and I was standing, glued to the spot watching her.

Both girls worked his cock in tandem, not slowing down for nothing. They were both transfixed, like me on his enormous cock.

Paula finally took all his cock in her mouth, again her mouth was full stretch but she was not giving up this time. She was wanking, sulking and playing with his balls all at the same time. Finally, Dod shot his load of cum down her throat. It came out so quick and hard that his cum was coming out the sides of her mouth. After licking of all his cum she got up and started to giggle a little saying that Dod's cock was by far the largest see had managed to have. Mel was in total agreement with her. Mel again went over to play with Dod's limp cock. Not knowing what was happening, what was about to happen I went up to Mel and led her into the kitchen.

I wanted to know what the hell was going on. Her life long pal had arrived only 24 hours earlier and now we have been involved with 3 in a bed, girl on girl and god only knows what next.

Mel assured me that everything was all right between us but she would love to feel that huge cock inside her as long as it was ok with me.

I felt I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. My mind was racing with what I should do. If I said no would she respect me? If I said no would she go behind my back and do it with Dod anyway? I thought that if I at least let him fuck her here, while I am here I will be in control. My heart was racing but some how while thinking of him fucking my wife I started to get an erection. Mel noticed and knelt down to give me a blowjob. I was almost coming when Paula and Dod walked in wanting to know what was going on. Mel asked them to leave and went back to sucking my cock. When I finished shooting my load down her throat she asked me if it would be all right for Dod to fuck her.

I was still a little unsure, things were happening and moving too fast for my comfort. Mel started to lightly bite my ear, whispering please at every opportunity.

Okay I said, as long as you make it quite clear that he does NOT cum in your pussy and if I say stop you both stop. Mel kissed me hard and promised to obey everything that I wanted.

We went back into the living room to find Paula on her back with her legs wide apart. Dod was busy licking her pussy and never noticed us coming back.

Mel lay down next to Paula and Dod. She told me to come and fuck her. Although still not sure of what was happening in my own living room I took off my clothes and went down on Mel. Her pussy was soaking and as soon as my cock went into her tight pussy she pulled her legs up around my waist I wasted no time in going for it. I was pumping my cock as fast and as hard as I could. Mel was moaning loudly, trying to think herself come to orgasm. It was not long before we both came. We kept going after I had cum, going faster and harder than before.