Written by middlepark

17 Feb 2007

Mel said nothing, she just looked up and smiled, the look said it all. Once I had cum in her pussy I bent over to kiss her back then I stood up at the side of the bed.

Paula went straight for Mel's pussy, licking lightly all around her wet dripping cum filled cunt. Mel then moved onto her back and Paula again went in between my wife's legs. There was no doubt at all that Paula was an expert and it was also not their first time together.

I decided to take a shower and to take one of those 'blue pills'.

When I had finished my shower I came back into the bedroom to see the girls in the 69 position. Mel was on top and I went round to the other side of the bed to see her at work. I was amazed at how much she was enjoying her herself. She had Paula's pink lips pulled apart and she was using her tongue to tease Paula's enlarged clitoris. I started to rub at my cock, I was desperate to join in, I could see Paula playing with Mel's pussy in much the same way as what Mel was doing in the mirror.

I moved round behind Mel, my cock was now hard and ready to go. I gently eased my cock into Mel's very wet and juicy pussy. As I was slipping my cock in and out of Mel's pussy, Paula used her tongue to lick my cock every time it went in and out. Her hand then moved to gently squeeze my balls at the same time. My pace started to pick up, my penetration got deeper and deeper with each stroke I made. Mel was moaning more and more, licking Paula's pussy hard. It was amazing, the 3 of us managed to cum at the same time. As I pulled my cock out of Mel's pussy, my cum oozed out of her dripping onto Paula. As always Paula drank every bit of my cum.

I moved round to Mel so she could taste herself – something that she has always licked, and now I know why!

Mel took my cock and teased it like she teased Paula's clitoris. While Mel was at my cock, Paula got up and went for Mel's pussy again. Mel arched her back, pushing her lovely pussy into the air. I could see Paula licking at her arse and pushing two fingers up her pussy. Paula started of slowly but Mel was not happy. She wanted to be finger fucked and finger fucked HARD. Within a couple of minutes Paula brought Mel to a massive orgasm. Again Paula went straight for her pussy, licking every bit of cum out of her.

This time I moved behind Paula and my cock slid up her pink pussy and I started to pump my arse hard. My balls were slapping her every time I went in her.

Mel motioned me to come over to her: she lay on the bed with her legs open. I lay on top of her, my cock slipping easily into her. She wraps her legs around my neck. I know what she wants, with her legs in the air along with my arse I go deep into her pussy. I get into her pussy very deep, almost taking her breath away, Sweat is pouring off the both of us. It's not long before Mel is coming. As she nears another orgasm, Paula puts her hand on my arse. Her finger toys with my arse, she lick's her fingers and inserts one up my arse. A little un-comfy for a start but I am surprised by how much I enjoy it. As Mel cum's, Paula touches my 'G' spot and I cum right away.

Mel is totally knackered now. It's almost 4am and her mum is picking up the kids at 8am. I am in total amazement at what has happened tonight. I want it to go on but there is no way any of that will happen.

Mel and Paula are now lying in bed, kissing and fondling one another under the covers. I take this as a cue to sleep in the spare room. During the night – what was left of it, you could hear them both at it – more than once.

Mel's mum picks up the kids and we all go back to bed, I make sure that Mel and I are there all alone his time as I want to make sure that everything is still ok etc.

Will try and finish story next time