Written by middlepark

12 Feb 2007

About 3 years ago my wife's best pal from school asked if she could come up and visit us for a few days. As we had not seen her in nearly 10 years my wife Mel thought it would be a great idea. To be honest her pal Paula is just not someone I like and we have NEVER seen eye to eye.

Paula is the same age as Mel – 36 and has never married although she is never short of male company. There was a time when her weight was the same as her age (22 stone) but she was delighted to announce that she had lost a fair bit of weight.

The day arrived and off popped Mel to pick up Paula. When they got back I could hardly believe that it was Paula. She had lost a lot of weight and was now a respectable size 18 and looking to loose a bit more weight.

As Mel opened a bottle of wine I took the kids out for the afternoon and promised to pick up a take away on my way home.

When I got home Mel was very drunk and in no fit state to eat. Once the kids were in bed I managed to get Mel away from Paula and upstairs to bed. Once on the bed she passed out and was snoring loudly.

When I got down stairs Paula was still drinking wine, I picked up a paper to read not knowing what to say. Can I watch a DVD Paula asked, no problem, they are all in the cupboard next to you.

As she was looking through them she asked if I had any porn DVD's? Yes, there are a few I replied trying not to be to embarrassed. She picked one and started to watch it. Although I was not watching the dvd I still got an erection, this did not go un-noticed by Paula.

Half way through the film she told me she was going to go to bed. After saying good night I put the paper down and continued to watch the dvd.

When Paula came back into the room my pants were round my ankles and my cock was aching to be wanked. I spluttered something and went to pull up my pants when Paula came right up to me and started kissing me.

I responded right away, my hand going straight for her very large tits. She was now wearing a long t-shirt, no bra and her tits were lovely and round, sort of dough like.

We kissed for what seemed ages, her right hand gently, slowly wanking my very rigid cock. She must have sensed that I was about to come as she pushed me down onto the sofa and took my cock in her mouth. It didn't take long to shoot my load down the back of her throat. She kept on sucking at my cock until it was hard again. Once hard she took off her t-shirt to reveal her plump body. Her tits were massive: two hands could not hold all of one

She slid out of her French knickers and on to the top of me. Her rhythm was slow and short to start with. After a couple of minutes her strokes were longer and deeper with her soft pants and deep breathing near my ear.

I quickly grabbed hold of one tit and tried to get as much of it into my mouth as I could. I bit down softly onto her nipple and she let out a soft groan. She leant down to kiss me but I moved my head to the side and started to nibble her ear. I then started to lick around and in her ear, her breathing getting deeper and with every breath I made, her strokes were getting faster, deeper. As she was almost coming I moved my fingers to her sides and started to gently rub them up and down the side of her body, sort of tickling her. As she came she, sort of slumped on top of me, before starting her deep thrusts again onto my cock, which was now buried deep into her.

As she came again she got off me and lay on the floor with her legs spread wide open. I removed all my clothes then went to work on her with my tongue. Her pussy was shaven at the sides with a very neatly trimmed bush at the top. Her vagina lips were puffed up and very pink. It tasted lovely. Before long and not long after I had inserted four fingers up her pussy she was coming again. This time she let out a very loud scream, which would have woken Mel up, had she not been so drunk.

I licked up all of her cum juice before lying down on top of her. My cock slid into her very easily. Her pussy was by far the largest that I had fucked. I started off slow but I needed to come quickly and I could not hold back no matter what. I took my cock out in time, my load shooting up onto her big tits. I put my cock back into her and started off again at a very fast pace. Again, very quickly I had shot another load all over her tits.

This time she took my cock in her mouth and gave me another blowjob until I was hard again. She turned over onto her knees and I then took her doggy style. The pace was fast, the strokes deep and her groans of pleasure getting louder with each penetration. I inserted one, then two fingers up her arse. We both came again at almost the same time, this time my load going all over arse.

We collapsed on the floor, kissing and letting our hands explore each other's body for a short time.

It was now very late so we decided that we better be getting upstairs. As we said our goodnights she said to me that Mel, Me and Paula had now one thing in common – we had all fucked each other!

It was the first time that I realised that my wife likes girls. As I went into the bedroom naked, Mel was awake. I got into bed and Mel went down on my cock. She started to suck it with a furious pace and it was not long before I came in her mouth. She turned over onto her knees and I went for it with all my might. As I was about to shoot my load Paula walked in and onto the bed beside us and asked Mel if it was ok to join in.

Will have to finish the story later, sorry.