Written by middlepark

21 Feb 2007

While I was lying on top of Mel, shagging her hard and fast I could feel Dod and Paula watching us. I half lost my rhythm, my cock started to go limp. Mel was wanting, needed to cum again.

I take my semi hard cock and move down on her. My tongue is now probing in her pussy, her moans getting louder the more my tongue went in.

I start to kiss the inside of her thigh as I gently enter two fingers into her hot, wet sticky pussy. She shouts, I can tell that she is desperate to cum once more.

Her left hand is now groping at her lovely round breast, playing with her hard nipple, teasing, stretching the nipple between her fingers. She bends her neck so she can bite her nipple. Her legs are now bent at the knees to support her arse that is now raised off the floor.

Her right hand is now rubbing at her glistening clit. Her fingers are working that lovely swollen pink clit into a frenzy. I move back a little to watch Mel bring herself off.

Dod and Paula were now completely focused on what Mel is doing. Her thighs were throwing her arse up and down. Both hands were now down at her pussy. Her screams getting louder, her breaths getting faster, sharper more wanted than I had ever seen her before.

I knew she was struggling to get herself off. I started to rub my semi hard cock. Mel's moans were becoming cries of desperation more than moans of pleasure.

I move back over Mel. I lower myself down and then push my hard cock into her wet pussy. She collapses under me. We are not quite in sync with each other. Mel's arse was moving too fast for me but I kept my strokes short and kept my cock buried deep inside her.

Mel, was still desperate to cum, my arms were aching from supporting my whole body off the floor, for so long.

Mel's fingers were still working her clit madly when she started to groan. She could not hold back anymore, both her hands are now at my sides. We were finally moving in perfect sync. My strokes were long, hard and going very deep into her soaking wet pussy.

Mel finally cum's, her legs collapse under me but I keep going. Sweat is pouring off both of us. To my surprise Mel starts to cum again. I feel a hand on by balls: it's a nice feeling as the hand gently works at my sack. I can feel myself coming, Mel's fingers are back playing with her clit when suddenly she cum's – The hand is now rubbing at my balls harder than before. I shoot my load of cum inside my wife's Pussy.

My legs are trembling, shaking. I collapse on top of Mel. We start to kiss and then roll over onto our sides. She thanks me for the best fuck she has had. Paula has now opened up Mel's legs and is licking at her pussy. Her tongue lapping up both our cum juice, not leaving a drop. Dod is now at Mel's side, gently rubbing his fingers up and down her side, groping at her breasts. He glances at me as if to ask if it was ok? I ignore his glance as I don't know what to do – two day's earlier I would have smacked his jaw if he went any where near my wife but here she was, lying naked on the floor next to me, her best pal licking her pussy and a guy with a fucking huge cock groping her.

Mel kissed me softly with a glint in her eye, she whispers that she loves me and turns towards Dod and his cock.

She takes it in her hand: my breaths are getting sharper, faster. I shake as I watch her gently stroke his rigid cock. I can't help but stare at his cock. Her fingers lightly run up and down the full length of his cock, teasing it, and then moving back down until her hand cups his balls.

As she gently squeezes his balls, his cock starts jerking, as if wanting Mel to swallow his huge cock. Mel leans towards it, kissing the top of his helmet, teasing his cock. Dod pulls her head right onto his erect cock, she bites down letting him know that she is in charge of what is or may happen. He rubs his hands over Mel's head and neck, his fingers running over her mouth while Mel slowly, gently wank's at his cock.

Mel takes his fingers in her mouth, biting down gently, sucking on them while still gently teasing his cock.

Paula pulls Dod up and wants to measure Dod's cock. My heart misses a couple of beats, I don't want to know how big his cock is as it is going to be going inside my wife, my wife who begged me to let her have it inside her, every last inch of it.

Fucking hell shouts Paula, I want to cover my ears but I can't, 12.5' long. Paula can't let go of it, Mel has that smirk on her face, the wicked look that she gets when she is up to something. Paula then announces the circumference of Dod's penis. No No No I tell myself, don't listen, but I feel myself wanting to know. Seven fucking inches she shouts, 7 fucking inch. Paula almost cum's just standing there holding onto to Dod's cock.

Mel is now standing at the edge of the recently cleared dinning room table. Her pussy is dripping with cum juice. The only thing that she is wearing now is her suspenders. I know what she wants and I tremble with fear. I keep telling myself to stop it and stop it now, but I can't breath. My heart is racing and I struggle for air – I am speechless.

If you want my pussy Mel shouts to Dod, you better get the fuck over here now. Dod looks at me to see if it's ok, I can't even look at him. I know that Mel wants that fucking monster of a cock and I can't stop it happening.

He walks over to Mel and runs his hands through her hair. He gently runs his hands all over her body: goose pimps appear to cover Mel's body. Her hearts is pounding: she can't stop looking at his cock. He runs one finger down her spine and Mel's legs give way. She wants his cock and wants it now.

Dod lifts Mel onto the edge of the table: he is now standing between her open legs. Her bald, juicy pussy just inches away from his eager erect cock.

He moves closer, his cock rubbing the inside of her thighs. Mel bites gently down on his nipple, he grasps at his breath. He moves closer, his cock is now touching her swollen pussy lips, Mel breathing is now faster than ever before, her panting louder that before, almost if though she was ready to cry.

His cock pushes against her pusy lips, she takes a sharp intake of breath,