Written by unknown

19 Jan 2006

continude = I was handed a white coat as I was to be the Doctor and she was in bed as the patient = well it wasnt all bad then = I put the white coat on in a daze = the nurse (for want of a better word) then wheeled over a this hostess/tea trolley with a white towel draped over it = when the nurse removed the towel it reviled all kinds of syringes/scissors/rubber gloves/plastic tubing/bandages = was it me or was this getting spooky = the nurse turned back the bottom of the sheet to revile that his wife was laid in bed knees drawn up and feet flat on the bed = he then bandaged his wifes wrist to her ankle and then same on the other side = with some skill I might add = he then selected a plastic tube and placed it in his wifes pussy and I was asked to put on a pair of rubber surgical gloves and also hold a small torch = he then took hold of a syringe that was filled with baby oil and fitted it to the tube squirting the oil into her pussy = I was then asked by him to fist fuck her pussy wearing the gloves = while I did this he then inserted a tube into his wifes arse and gave that the same oily treatment = I was then asked to finger fuck her arse while leaving my fist still in her pussy = the nurse was now saying to me = give her two fingers now Doctor = now three fingers Doctor = now just rotate your fingers Doctor = thats it Doctor you are now relaxing the rectum muscles = was this spooky or what = lets not forget here that I was still dressed = I hadnt even taken my shoes of yet and the last thing on my mind just now was getting a hard cock = I think shes ready for a fist up her rectum now Doctor = I remember getting both fists up her = one in her pussy and one in her arse and thinking I dont know about her but I cant take much more of this Doctor shit = do you need more oil Doctor = er, no I dont think so, Im managing thanks = I had seen something a bit like this on All Creatures Great And Small where the vet was chatting to the farmer with his arm stuck up a cows arse = while I was fist fucking her ( both fists here lets not forget) I rember thinking it wouldnt suprise me if I found the last guys watch up here so what good would it do me putting my cock inside her = he then moved for her to suck his cock till it spunked = thats not something you see every day = a great six foot hairy nurse having his cock sucked dry by a patient in bed who for all the world looked as though she was having twins pulled out of her by some cowboy gynaecologist = after she had milked him dry he then said to me = its your turn to be sucked now Doctor = let me help you undress Doctor as I am your nurse = I eased my fists out of her soaking wet pussy and arse and peeled off my gloves = I felt like some half arsed surgeon who had just done some back street operation on a women who was dumb = so I said er no thanks = er Im ok thanks = er glad you both enjoyed it = glad I could help you = dont worry ill let myself out thank you = bye now = off with the white coat and I was gone = thank fuck that was over = why me = why do I do it = am I some kind of fucking magnet for sex games or what = one thing that I did learn that night was that with lubrication and gentle manipulation a pussy hole and an arse hole can be stretched a long way = I also learned that I could never be BI = I had made a mistake that I would never make again = I had assumed things = I assumed that it was going to be just as before = I assumed that she was going to be the nurse = I assumed that he was straight = I assumed that she would be wanting some cock = I assumed too much = I let fantasy in my mind take over from reality = I was planning in my mind just what I wanted = we all do it on here = example = this sounds a nice couple = you have only read a few lines = It could be some youth who is ppissing about for all you know = this looks a great photo = it could be 20 years old for all you know = if you meet and your dissapointed then you have only yourself to blame because you have done it to yourself = you had been working on assumptions and not reality = so when you meet reality you feel let down = but when you do turn your fantasy into reality WOW = it can be done on here and its not easy but it is worth it = so good luck to you all who ever you do and how ever you do it to them. deller.