Written by unknown

2 Apr 2008

i've never seen or felt as much spunk before i could hardly walk as it was running and squelching everywhere as i had no pants on, he walked me to the hotel and asked if he could come up to my room i said no my friend will be back he said i'll walk you there he stood outside the room i went in and my friend was there getting the fucking of her life so i said come in he took me again on the other bed i was moaning squeeling with delight this big fat strangers cock inside me i was much louder than my friend in the next bed but didn't care i was so out of it he cum again so did i he then lay me on my back still wearing my skirt he took me up my bum i'd never experienced anything like it it hurt then turned into pleasure the was thrusting away holding onto my hips i cum again & again he started to rub my swolled clit i' was wet through the bed was soaking he left about an hour later and so did my friend guy we lay there exhausted and chatting about what had happened we both decided nobody would know so we went to sleep the next day i could hardly walk we went shopping i couldn't wait until the night time were we went to the club he totally egnored me but there again we scored again and the third guy i'd ever been with shagged me all through the night it's a night i'll never forget, i have the bug for it now and cant wait to do it again, i often feel my husband inside of me but think about the other guy's as we fuck i'mback up i n/cle in june maybe you'll be the lucky guy that weekend i hope so.