Written by shrimp

18 Oct 2005

This true story will be built on and adjusted from time to time. So please check from time to time.

I have an interesting story for you…. I know you have heard this time and time again but it is as true as I can remember it. I am Shrimp and my wife's name is Nipples. Why names like this? I will describe my wife…..

She is 47 years old with fair skin and strawberry blond hair. She is very good looking for her age and after 4 children from 22 to 12 she still has what it takes. Her best features are her breasts. Still reasonably firm and her Nipples are big when aroused. You need only to look at the sun-bed picture to Se what I mean…. She is a quite person and gets on with life without a fuss. She is a helper and loves to please. She is not an over sexed person by any means. She can go with out sex for a long time. I think she could total go without sex if she wanted. That is sad in my opinion. I will explain as I go along. (I forgot this and have added it as I am about to say in the next paragraph) My wife's vagina is soft and sweet. It is fair in colour and pink in the right spots. She should never worry about this area and for a woman of 4 children as held together well. I like her shaved to show all the parts. She shaved for a while but now as grown it back. Sad put I have learnt that this is her choice.

Shrimp (Me) I am now 50 years old and I, like Nipples am young in looks. I consider myself good looking but that is not for me to judge and I am trying to be unbiased. I have fair skin also with blue eyes and red hair. My best features are…..My rear due to it being firm and small. I am small in stature and other things….. At this point I have noticed I have left off my wife CV about her sexual lower parts and I will return to complete that…… My cock is another matter. I shave it clean and it has tight balls. My cock is only 2 inches soft and 4 inches erect. I am being generous with the 4 inch. I think it looks good and holds together well like in the picture. I have always been interested with sexual things and I would say my sex drive is Large (Pardon the pun). And always will be.

I knew my wife when she was 14teen. We started going out together when she was 16teen. What ever the attraction we were a close couple and everyone saw that. We would always do things together and we only knew each other. I had a girlfriend before my wife but it only lasted a mouth if that. I was very upset and never understood why. Looking back it may have been because of my small dick. She was a very sexually active girl prior to me and I remember only ever making love to her once. She was the one that took my virginity. She was my first love and we all remember that time. When my wife and I had our first taste of sex I never knew she was a virgin. I never asked…… Or should you? Any way it was special but nothing to write home too. Because I liked intercourse I would peruse it from her and we made love many time in many places. If I was to leave it up to my girlfriend she would just lie on her back and let me have my way. I never knew this was basically her. Or did I get that wrong…. I question that a lot and even asked her. She would always say that it was her and she was never one for sex.

I have said my sex drive was big and I needed more than this. I never cheated on her but did come clean to a under the blanket session with a friend of the both of us on a bus trip. My girlfriend was on that trip and I told her what happened. I never perused that other girl. Gay would smile at me when we meet at functions and never let me forget what we did under the blanket. I had a thing about my girlfriend making love to another person. This was a big turn on for me and she never let that happen. This was not from the lack of me trying. She never gave in and I even tried to get her to try it on with her brother-in-law. Little did I know about things that had happened? I found this out only within the last year. I was aware of situation but never what I was told. Remember I have said my wife was quite…. Or was she? I do have my ides now on things but with what as happened recently I could not guess. Let me tell you of some situations that my wife as had happen to her:

I did not say this earlier that my brother who is older than me tried to form a relationship with her before my wife and I got together. I saw the at a camp we were at and watching a movie. What was going on under the blanket? My brother is also a woman man and he would be trying hard. Naturally she was not my girlfriend so it never bothered me. Looking back it is a turn on. Situations happened. One time before we were married I was late coming home from work. I lived at my mothers place. I was to meet my girlfriend their. When I got there I was told that my wife to be and my brother had gone for a drive and chat. This was not unusual under the circumstance. My brother was having a hard time with his wife. I was surprised and it was forgotten.

Another time was a party at my wife and my place. She went missing and I found her at the rear of the house talking…… She had many calls from him at work and I found this out after the party. In the phone calls he wanted her to have sex… You must give it to him for trying and failing or did he? I never knew of any more situations with my brother and I would not be surprised if more did happen.

When my wife was young and at the age of 15teen she told me that her eldest sister's husband asked her into the flat he was setting up for her sister to live in after the wedding. He asked her for sex…..

Another time after we got married she was working at her other bother-in-laws work. She did part time work in a sugary. I would pick her up after and we would go home. I had asked her to have some fun with him on occasions but she always said no to me. At one point she got upset. I only found this out and was a surprise to me. While she was cleaning up at the sink he came up behind her and garbed her boobs. Then he unzipped the front of her uniform. She was only wearing a soft bra and knickers. With her back to his front he lifted up her bra and started playing with them. Then he lowered his hand down to her knickers. He found her wet spot and inserted a finger and played about for a while. This is all I know of this situation and I don't even know how it ended. Her brother-in-law as been married many times and I have been told he is much sexed.

Have I got something wrong here or did I say she was a virgin before I made love to her? You tell me….

We both decided to change our life and around 2000 we made a big move. Little did I know it would change our life for a short time? It would also change the way we saw things and especially my wife.