Written by mrnmrssmith

8 Oct 2006

Let me start at the beginning...

...there was a BIG BANG and the solar systems were created, sorry, that's too far in the begginning...

When Mrs. Smith and I first started to date, the only thing that I hid from her was probably the most important fact. That I was a bi-male who enjoyed sex with other men. I told her sooner then I had ever told anyone in my life (not that very many people even know) somewhere in our 2nd month together I relized that she was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I also knew that she would have to find out sooner or later about my fondness to have sex with other men, so why not tell her sooner. I didn't want to be like those couples on the talk shows where the wife never knew until it had been 10 years and the husband couldn't hide it anymore. So one day I told her that I had something very important to inform her of. I sat her down and explained to her my situation (the only thing going for me was that we were already deeply and madly in love with each other). Needless to say, it all worked out and we stayed together.

It took awhile before she was willing to go out with me and help me find a suitable mate to feel my desires of being with another man. We met a few men here and there and none of them filled our expectations. We chatted together with men online, none of which were up to par. It had been a good 8 months since I had been with a man and I wanted to get some. My first and only male partner up to that point wasn't happy that I had told my current girlfriend about us (he is still in a relationship that has spanned 15 years and to date she doesn't know that he's bi-sexual) so needless to say, him and I stopped seeing each other.

I was without a man to have fun with. So we decided to head out on a short road trip from our home in San Diego to the city of West Hollywood. I had gone with a gay guy once(who didn't meet the standards either) to a club there a couple years prior and knew that there were a lot of prospects. We pulled up to a downtown area full of gay clubs and bars. We did some bar hopping for a little bit and decided that we were gonna lounge for another hour at the popular club called the "Abby" and then go home. It looked like we were about to strike out again, just like we had in San Diego's gay city of Hillcrest. The only prospects we had seen that were attractive were some really sexy trannies, but we're not into escorts and hookers which these t-girls obviously were, so we started for the door. As we walked by a group of men, one of them stopped my princess and asked how she'd been. He was one of her classmates from her Sophmore year in college and for the sake of privacy we will call him Mr M. They hadn't seen each other in a year. He was shocked to see us there. During this time we were all in the military and stationed in the same area together. For those that aren't aware, being gay in the military is no good. You actually get kicked out if you are caught. They exchanged numbers to catch up on old times and we left for our drive home...

About a week later Mr. M called Mrs. Smith and they caught up on old times. Prior to his call by a few days, my princess and I had already talked about Mr. M. I told her that I didn't think that he was that attractive, after all, the club was dark and I didn't get a good look at him, but if she thought that he was good people and he could prove his cleanliness, then we could see where the wind would blow us. So as they chatted on the phone, she casually told him that she was surprised to see him in a place like that. He confided in her that he was bi and was hanging out with his gay friends. He in turn asked her what she was doing there that night. She told him that we were a bi couple and we feel more comfy at those establishments vice straight clubs. So not to appear to desperate, she began to tell him that at gay establishments I never get in fights because the crowds are so much more laid back and men aren't disrespectful toward women in those places. They talked a little bit longer and they hung up.

Within an hour he was texting her. The text read along these lines, "Is your man honestly bi? No waaaay, you'd never guess."

Mrs. Smith replied with, "Yes, he is. Why?"

Within seconds her phone was ringing, she answered to find Mr. M on the other end wanting to hangout with us. He asked if I was around and she replied with "no", bringing the phone closer to my ear so that I could hear the conversation. He asked if we had plans for later that same night. Before answering Mrs. Smith asked him what he thought of me, Mr. M told her that I was hott. That there was something about me that turned him on. She made plans with him that second and I jumped into the shower to get ready for our visitor.


-Before reading this I would like it to be known that Mrs. Smith had a friend who worked at the clinic aboard the military establishment that we all worked aboard. She had a good friend who worked there. Mrs. Smith had told the friend that Mr. M had been with a girl rumored to have the clap and that he was too embarrassed to ask for his last STD exam. Lucky for us, he had just had a full STD checkup within the month and he was 100% clean. Prior to me he had been sex free for 3 months. We do not practice unsafe sex. If it isn't wrapped up, then there is proof that the group is completely disease free...

...back to the story-

I wanted to appear like I wasn't expecting company, like I was unaware that plans were made for him to cum over and that I thought a friend of ours was just stopping by for a few drinks. When I exited the shower, I threw on a tank-top undershirt and a pair of thin, solid colored pajama pants without boxer-briefs. Mr. M showed up at the door, obviously trying to look sexy with some nice jeans and a hott, skin-tight tee shirt from American Eagle. He looked yummy enough to mess with, (Mrs. Smith might have played it off that I wasn't desperate, but she knew I was close to it). Mrs. Smith invited him in and told him to have a seat at the bar in our second dining room. I was already there, behind the bar with a STIFF rum and coke at my lips. Mrs. Smith quickly re-introduced us and we all sat down for a few drinks.

A few hours went by as we drank and chatted about everything from the Marine Corps, to our sexual experiances with the same sex, to how discrete the Smiths are. I excused myself and went to our master bedroom restroom. I wanted to give myself enough distance from the two of them so that they could talk. It was obvious that he needed to find out if we were on for the joys of male to male fucking. Not more then a minute later my princess comes into the room and asks me what was going on. I told her that I was really horny and he wasn't that bad looking after all. She immediately turned around and walked back across our house to the bar to give Mr. M the great news. I came back to the bar just in time for him to ask to use the bathroom, he asked Mrs. Smith to please show him to the restroom. While in the room they devised a plan to get it started.

(I am very shy around men for the first time. I was just like this around Mr. C -my first- our first couple of times. I was sexually active with that man for four years and finally found myself able to be comfortable after the first few encounters)

Mrs. Smith came out and started turning out lights throughout the entire house. The only lights left on were those that portrayed a dimmed ambyonce throughout the living room and bar.

I was standing to the side of the bar when Mrs. Smith came up from behind me and started kissing the nape of my neck. I was completely surprised since I hadn't been given a warning about the sudden sexual attack. She wrapped her arms around my waist, slid her hands down my pants and began rubbing my cock. As I always do I closed my eyes from the pleasure for a few seconds, just enough for Mr. M to stand in front of me, wrap his arms around my waist, slide one hand down my pants and one up my shirt and start rubbing me. I opened my eyes just in time to see him coming in for the kiss. Our lips connected and I again closed my eyes. I reached around and grabbed both of his ass cheeks in my hands and heard him moan through our kiss. Mrs. Smith told him to go ahead and he ripped off my tank top and began kissing my chest, he followed my body down to the waisband of my pants, all the while rubbing my cock through my pants. Mrs Smith began to pull down my pants so that Mr. M would have easier access. Mr. M wrapped his soft lips around my fat cock and began to suck me off. He put his hands on my ass and started thrusting my cock deep down his throat.

Mrs. Smith walked off into the living room, took a seat and watched the show. When Mr. M stood back up, I ripped his clothes off and dragged him over to the sofa Mrs. Smith was sitting on. I sat him down right next to her, shook my pants of, (which at this point were wrapped around my ankles), and began kissing Mr. M again. His soft lips kept letting little moans seep out and escape every time the tip of his tongue stopped stroking my tongue. Mrs. Smith reached over and pushed my head in between his legs, she grabbed his cock and gently placed it into my mouth and whispered into my ear, "Go ahead papi, make your daddy feel good!". She didn't need to say another word. I placed my hand around his cock and began to stroke his shaft as I proceded to suck his cock like Jenna Jameson in a porno. His hard cock felt so good between my lips, his mushroom head throbbing against the sides of my cheeks, sliding in and out, hitting the roof of my mouth every time I brought my head down his shaft. The whole time Mrs. Smith rubbed my back and told me how I was doing a great job to ensure that my daddy was being pleased. I was overwhelmed by sensation between his cock in my mouth, his left hand on the back of my head to guide my mouth to just the right distance, his right hand rubbing my chest, Mrs. Smith's hands stroking my hard and fat cock and my back all at the same time.

Mr. M slid into a position where he was laying across the sofa when he started to pull me on top of him. I knew what he wanted. He wanted to slide his hard, wett cock into my nice tight ass. Mrs. Smith knew it as well, she began eating my ass out so that it would be nice and wett for Mr. M. In the doggy style position I sat as I sucked his nipples and she ate me out. When she thought we were ready to go she slapped my ass and told me to go to work. I sat up on my daddy's cock, wrapped one hand around his throat as I applied slight pressure and with the other hand I began to slide his dick into my ass. My princess spread my cheeks to assist me with the insertion process. I began to slide up and down slowly. Since I was a primary top with Mr. C in addition to my 8 month hiadus from male + male sex it took a few minutes to receive a pleasurable feeling that made me feel great. Within 5 minutes of being penetrated I began to ride his cock like a champ. I was grinding his cock like a champ. I started swinging my hips from side to side and front to back. He couldn't stop groaning, he reached up, grabbed my head and pulled my face into his where he began kissing me again. As I kissed and fucked him I rubbed his temples gently. Mrs. Smith continued to rub my back and began kissing me all over the place.

After about 15 minutes of riding and grinding we adjusted to change positions. Mrs. Smith excused herself to change into something more comfortable as I sat on the edge of the sofa and Mr. M sat on the floor between my legs and began to caress my balls in his mouth and stroke my cock at the same time. He looked up at me from between my legs with a look I'll never forget. His eyes were filled with sexual desire. While he continued to play with me Mrs. Smith returned wearing one of her over-sized tee-shirts with nothing else on. Mr. M stood up and turned me around as my princess squeezed underneath me so that she could sit down far into the sofa. Once in position she swung her legs over my shoulders.

Mr. M pushed back the coffe table as I assumed the doggy style position one more time with my knees on the floor and my mouth buried deep into Mrs. Smith's pussy as I began to munch on her tasty beaver. Mr. M dropped to his knees behind me and started licking my ass. Mrs. Smith couldn't stop moaning and her pussy was seriously dripping out cream like she was a Yellowstone National Park geyser. Mrs. Smith pulled me up, grabbed my cock, pulled me into her and thrust my cock into her pussy. As I fucked my princess I felt her hands pass my hips as she grabbed the back of his ass cheeks and pulled him into my backside with an intensity that I rarely expected from her. Mr. M opened my ass up and plunged his cock into my asshole.

The pleasure that I began to feel at that moment was so intense. It was my first time sandwiched between a goddess and a horny man with a desire to bust inside my ass, where my cock was sliding inside the best pussy I'd ever had and a cock was pounding my guts from behind. Mrs. Smith was VERY uncomfortable and requested that we all move into our bedroom. Even though I was in a euphoric state, I decided that her comfort was more important so we got up and headed for the baby making room.

Upon entering the room I noticied that Mrs. Smith had lit some candles, she was going all out for my pleasure. I crawled into our bed and laid on my back. The both of them crawled into bed from opposite directions and both dove in for my cock. They assisted each other in my blowjob as one would caress the shaft with their lips and the other my head with their tongue. At that moment I got an urge to see them kiss. I grabbed both of their heads pushed them together and asked them to kiss for me. They began soft with lip to lip contact until I told them both to pretend that the other was me. They began to use their tongues and kiss more passionately. Almost at the same time they pulled away, looked at me and got into position

Mrs. Smith crawled onto my cock as I took off her shirt. I started to fuck her again as I sucked on her 34 D breasts. She pulled her breasts away from my mouth and started riding my cock like it was the last time she'd ever have it. I felt two hands under my ass pulling my hips upward. And just as fast as my princess slid my dick into her, Mr. M slid his into me. The three of us fucked like this for a good 30 minutes. My hands on her and him, his hands on me and at times on her and her hands on me and at times reaching back to pull him deeper into me. Mrs. Smith got tired and decided to lay next to us and go to sleep. She reminded us that this was about us and to finish up. Mr. M got up and went into the restroom, and scrubbed off his cock. When he came back into bed he began kissing me and rubbing me, he then straddled my face and forced me to suck his cock again. I knew that he had to cum soon, so instead of fucking him in his ass I decided to give him the best blowjob he had ever had. I grabbed him by his hips and sat him on my face. As my princess lay next to us pretending to sleep, I placed his dick in my mouth and went to work. Within 2 minutes he was whispering that he was going to cum, just as I was about to pull his cock out and point his head down to my stomach he began to bust his warm nutt out. A half drop hit my tongue, the rest splashed against my lips, chin and chest. Mr. M came like a horse all over me. He then went back down on me and sucked my cock until I came in his mouth. Mr. M took the whole load and guzzled it in its entirety. He got up, out of bed, headed to the restroom again and returned with a damp towel to clean me off with. Once I was clean we kissed each other, I rolled over, kissed my baby on the forehead and whispered thanks boo in her ear. The three of us slept there that night spooning. Her in my arms and me in his.

I hope you enjoyed our real life story of our first swingers experiance.

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