Written by scubaman2000

8 Jul 2006

We met up with another guy called Dave who has invited us back to his place so he can watch.

We go into his living room and as dave pores a drink we kiss and strip each other quckly. When I look around I see that dave has now stripped and is sat in an arm chir stroking his now hard cock.

I put my hands on your shoulders and say on your neas, gently pushing you down. My hand cups the back of your head and as I pull your face to wards my cock my other hand guids my cuck to your mouth, and as you open I slip it in. I say "good girl show me how much you want my cock and I might give you a good fucking if you deserve it."

You gobblemy cock hungrily, after a few minuets I pull out stand you up turn you around and standing you infront of dave bend you over at the hips and push you down into daves cock. You take his cock in your mouth and start to give him head.

Then you feel the head of my cock rubbing up and down your slit as your bent over gobbling dave with your arse up in the air. Then sudenly I thrust my cock into your cunt making you gasp.

I'm savering the feeling of you tight cunt rapped around my cock

Then I pull it right out and immediately bury it in again, and a gain......long hard thrusts my cock pulling right out and, then farster and faster gaining speed and as I do you rock back and fouth gobbling dave.

You hear the slap of my skin hitting yor arse as I fuck you.

Some movement out the corner of your eye makes you glance over at the window and you see daves nabour looking in but she sees you have noticed and moves away.

You feel daves cock swell even more, and he's arching his hips up as your force down on him by my thrusts making you gag then he growns and shuders and pumps his warm salty load into your mouth your still taking his load as you feel me speed up a bit and gasp then I empty my balls into your cunt....... Your now spite rosted between two cocks both filling you at each end with cream.

After a bit I pull out (by the way when I cum I don't go soft). I move to an arm chair and sit in it. You lift your head from daves cock and look at me. I look at you on all fors spunk dribbng from your cunt and mouth..... I smile at you.

Mmmmmm what shall we do with you next?

I'm sat in the arm chair naked my legs apart my cock still hard. Come here I comand you, and watch as you crawl towards me, you pull your self up so your nealing between my legs.

I reach forward and take a brest in each hand and say use these to clean my cock up.

You cup your tits and rap them arouund my cock and start to tit wank me. As you do I reach forwad and play with your nipples, making them hard.

I tell you to stand up, and you obay. "Didn't you want my tits" you say. I want you arse I reply.

Dave is watching as I stand up and lead you over to the dinning table and bend you over it face down. I then rub my cock against your cunt and then pushing into your cunt making squelchy noises with all that spunk in there.

Then i pull my cock out and use it to sped my cream around your arse hole untill its nice and slippery, then I place my right hand in the middle of your back pinning you down as I thrust my cock into your arse makng you screem as my long fat cock stretches your arse wide open and filling you.

I'm fucking your arse now and the feeling of pain and pleasure is over welming and your sobbing with pleasure.

Then I pull out and lead you way from the table, and over to a low strong coffee table which dave is now layed on. I tell you to straddle him and sit on his cock which you do, and as soon as your sat on his cock I push you forward so your laying on him his cock in you and you on top face to face............. And the I come behind you and dury my cock back into your arse....... The feeling is unbeverble as we both start to fuck you,with both your holes fille with long fat cocks you feel like your going to split apart.

As we speed up you start to sob and dave closes his mouth over yours attempting to kiss you, and as l fuck you I listen to your stifeled sobs and gasps.

Then after a while you start to grown and shudder then your cunt starts to gush as you cum, and with that dave and I both cum filling you again with spunk.

As we relax and move apart we look up at the window and see that daves nabour has returned to watch, but this time with her husband. I say to you and dave "shall we invite them in?"

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