Written by Unknown

25 Aug 2005

With your arms tied to the bed posts and a blindfold snugly over your eyes your heightened sense of touch can feel my lips kissing your naked skin. The anticipation of where my lips may go next makes you tremble slightly. My hands stroking gently along the flanks of your body and then cupping your breasts allowing me to kiss your hardening nipples, you take a sharp intake of breath as you enjoy the first connection of my tongue on your body.

Kneeling between your legs u can feel my hard cock occasionally touching your pussy lips, but that is all the contact your pussy is getting but you can feel the heat rising inside and u want your clit to be touched and to feel my cock not just on the outside!

As I continue to kiss suck and occasionally bite on your breasts and nipples I can feel your increased desire as your hips begin to buck gently and u begin to moan ever so slightly with each exhale of breath

I begin to move down your body, slowly kissing your stomach, letting my hands float down your skin, skirting over your pussy but without touching and then down between your thighs.

My mouth is over your pussy now: you can feel my warm breath on your clit

You are pushing your groin towards me you really want to have your clit licked now

Or feel something inside your pussy, u r wet hot and aching.

The tip of my tongue flicks slowly across your clit and like electric passing thru your body u convulse and gasp in excitement.

I follow this with a few more flicks each getting similar responses, I can smell your juices and feel the heat from your pussy.

I have to taste u

My tongue runs down from your clit, in between your labia, teasing them open, allowing me to savour the taste of u on my tongue, you begin to buck harder, wanting my tongue deeper. I oblige, lapping harder into you, but no my tongue can't get deep enough to satisfy u, u want to feel something deeper

I slide a finger inside and continue to slowly lick your clit, one finger quickly becomes two as you are well lubricated. I stroke your g spot in time with your thrusts.

U r beginning to moan louder and faster. My cock is beginning to ache but there is plenty of time for me later

U r urging me to lick u harder and faster to make u cum

But u need to wait, u are not horny enough yet

So I continue to tease

Taking u close, but not letting you climax

U begin to plead

You are dying to cum

U want to feel my cock inside u

U want to release your self from your bondage and take me inside u

U want to get my cock inside u so u can ride me, to make u cum, and feel me cum inside u……..but u r tied up! U can't touch your clit or force my cock inside your aching hot wet pussy!

Taking my soaking wet finger from your pussy I begin to work it inside your ass

You thought u were ready to cum before, but now with my fingers sliding in and out of your pussy and your ass you r ready to explode

I lick u harder.


You r moaning louder and louder. Your hips r bucking so much it is hard to keep u under control. I force my fingers in as deep as possible. The pleasure is too much!! The rhythm of my tongue has brought the full force of your orgasm bursting from your loins sending waves of pleasure across your body.

Your back is arched your breasts are flushed and your nipples stand hard and proud on top of your heaving chest.

My finger move gently back and forth as your orgasm dissipates

You are smiling broadly your head is spinning, your body is relaxing and uncoiling after a massive orgasm.

You feel my lips on your lips as we begin to kiss passionately

The blindfold is removed to allow us to see the lust in our eyes

Your arms are freed so that you can wrap your arms around me and role me over.

You are finally sat on top of me, you grin wickedly, I think I am going to enjoy what happens next..............