Written by Unknown

9 Nov 2007

Me and my boyfriend had gone out one night it was thundering and lightening pouring down with rain and we had gone out for a few drinks. as we were driving around we were getting warm with the car heater on, so i decided to start taking my clothes off. I could see my boyfriend getting horny so i started stroking his dick and make him even worse. I was laughing cause he was getting hard while he was driving. He got that horny that he decided to pull into our Local train station at 2.30am. Once he had parked up and turned his lights off on his car we couldnt take our hands of each other, he was caressing my boobs and stroking my damp trousers, as i was getting wetter the car was getting more steamed up with our body heat, so ste mentioned about going out in the rain and cool down. So i plucked up the courage and went outside. It was throwing it down with rain but that didnt bother us cos as quick as lightening he had his hand down my trouseres playing with my wet pussy. I got his hard throbbibg cock out and started stroking it gently. Once he had made me cum a few times i went down on him and started giving him deep throat. As he started maoning with pleasure and twitching with extasy he couldnt contain himself any longer and he pushed my on top of the soaking wet car bonnet, pulled down my jeans slid my thong to one side he inserted his huge dick into me. We grabbed hold of my hips and thrusted himself in me like id never felt it before. i was loving it but with the car being so wet i kept sliding plus i was drenged so he took my top off and i was stood there in the rain in my bra, shivering he pulled me to the back of the car and opened the boot, and yet a gain he couldnt hold back anylonger he bent me over in the boot and fucked me stupid till i screamed. As i orgasmed i noticed a samll dog walking past the car, we both jumped up and saw this man walking towards us. we quickly covered up and got back in the car to calm down and the guy walkied straight past with his dog. A few weeks later we were reading a dogging site and on one of the comments was the location of our local tran station. and the comment read something like, "iwas watching a young couple having passionate sex in the boot of a bright yellow car in the rain, i was wanking my self off"

My bf car is bright yellow So yes oooops i think we got caught. lets put it this way we have never gone back to the station since that night. But it was worth it in the end.