Written by orientalcouple

5 Feb 2006

my wife has never had any trouble attracting men.i will never forget the time we went on holiday to greece and i persuaded her to dress more slutty.when we got there i told her i wasn't in the mood to dance and acted very boring.so she got up and danced on her own.I had it all planned.five seconds later there were ten guys trying to dance with her,and she was really getting into it.rubbing her tits and bending down and wriggling her ass and letting everyone see up her skirt.my wife was trying to make me jealous.i think ever man in the place was watching her by now as she started lifting up her skirt.i heard men saying look at that little asian tart over there and what a slut.it turned me on to hear that.she came back after a while from talking to two guys and said that she would love to fuck them if only she hadn't married me.i asked why that should stop her and she said ok i'll ask them to come back with us to the hotel then.my heart missed a beat as i heard myself say ok.she looked at me for a second and then went back over to them.i saw one of the guys patt her on the ass and then we went back to the hotel.she was fucked for hours that night.every way.see the pictures.the next night they phoned us asking she would be their slut for the night and fuck whoever they told her to.she agreed and i stayed at home.she was gone hours and when she finnaly got home was covered in cum.that is a trip we will never forget