Written by Unknown

25 Aug 2005

I wish you worked in this office because then we could have an internal meeting to discuss our "business issues" and relieve some tension! You're in a smart pin stripe suit open white blouse, with short skirt, and of course stockings with high heels! I would soon be rock hard and unable to resist leaning in to you to smell you hair, letting you rub your firm arse against my groin letting my throbbing cock press up against you. I turn you round to kiss you and our hands begin to wander, your shirt is undone allowing me to bury my face in your impressive cleavage and lift you on to the boardroom table. You pull at my belt and trousers to release my cock from its restraints, you begin to wank my shaft with your right hand while your left is hitching your skirt up to the top of your stockings and beyond revealing your lack of underwear and your shaven pussy with just a line of hair above and below your swollen lips are already glistening. You move forward to the edge of the desk and wrap your legs behind my back drawing me in to you, your hand stops wanking me to guide the tip of my cock against the heat and wetness of your pussy, letting the very tip glide up and down your slit as you look in to my eyes with hungry wantant gleam before releasing my cock and letting me slide inside you. You sigh in relief and pleasure and lie back on to the table slightly arching your back to allow me to penetrate you as deeply as possible. My god you are so wet! I begin to pick the pace up and you begin to moan in time with my thrusts. I pull your legs up on to my shoulders and feel your pussy tighten around my shaft. You begin to cum as I find a heavy rhythm of slapping my balls against your arse. Releasing your legs you wrap the tighter than ever around me, keeping my cock buried inside you as you squirm underneath me. With my head again in your chest I suck hard on your nipples biting gently on them as you reach a creshendo and lose control, cumming hard, your love juices flooding your pussy coating my cock and dripping down my balls. I lift you up and turn u on your front and start to take you from behind over the table. You feel fantastic and so wet I am gliding in and out of you with increasing speed, slamming your arse cheeks from behind, with one hand pulling your hair back the other massages your superb tits from behind. The moment is too much for me to hold on to my orgasm for any longer, I cum bolts of hot semen inside your sticky wet pussy, there is so much it quickly exits down my balls and down your legs. Letting u turn over we kiss and hold each other but our lust has not disapated. Running kisses down your neck I move on to your chest, groping your breast i pull your nipples out and then lick the tips with my tongue before enveloping the the whole of your nipple in my mouth, sucking hard and swirling my tongue all over. My hands are then busy stroking your ass and pussy, working juices into your asshole with my finger, slowly lubricating the area. Your clit has not gone unnoticed, plump with blood it is extremely sensitive and the slightest stroke of my fingers makes you shudder ever so slightly. My tongue has nearly arrived at your clit having kissed its way across your tummy. Lifting your skirt up to belt height I disappear between your legs, you perch ever so slightly against the table but allow me to slide a finger in your ass then two, as my tongue begins to circle your pussy. You are beside your self as the pleasure of sex still courses thru your body, your clit demands further attention and your hands positions themslves behind my head urging me to feast on you. I let my thumb penetrate your pussy and work against my two fingers that are now deep in your ass. My tongue works all over your clit and down to your wet slit before settling over your clit, you are losing control again and your orgasm builds, I continue to lick and finger fuck you as once again fluid pours from your pussy and you collapse back on the table breathing heavily as an awesome orgasm begins to subside. I stand up and help you to roll back on to your front, you are lying there dizzy from your orgasms, legs apart with your ass in the air coated in a mixture of our cum. I position myself behind you and let my rejuvanted cock slide inside your wet aching pussy, u do not have the energy to do anything but let me slowly slide in and out, lubricating my shaft in your wet hole I enjoy ramming my full length inside you and then slowly removing it, you are still gasping for air and just enjoying being fucked hard from behind. I am so hard inside you now I cd easily finish myself off as you pussy is amazing and your moaning is driving me wild but we both want a different sensation to finish with!! Removing my cock I press it in to your asshole. You suddenly realise where you are: in the office with your skirt round your waist face down on the boardroom table being fucked in the ass.. and it really turn u on. I press harder against your ass and am able to start to fuck you slowly, making more room with every stroke till I am fully inside you. The sensation of my cock in your ass in the office has given you new vigour and you begin to push back on me to give your ass a real pounding, I tell you to keep fucking me harder and faster as my cum begins to rise from my balls letting you up off the table I back up against the wall and now you are bent forward holding the front of the table and use it to press back harder. You reach between your legs and stroke your pussy then my balls, tugging on them as you fall back harder and harder on my cock that is now full of hot blood straining inside your ass. One last tug and you press back hard on my cock, I explode again inside you, the hot spurts of semen in your ass makes your reach for your clit and rub it furiously as you cum again. Exhausted from our frantic action we tidy ourselves up but you have cum dripping from your pussy and your ass, I can't help fingering you as we kiss and collect ourselves, your lovely pussy feels so soft in my fingers that I can't wait to have my cock inside you again.