Written by Unknown

12 Jun 2007

Nightclubs are loud, dark and hot places. Music blaring, skimpily clad bodies dancing, bumping and getting horny.

I see you across the dancefloor, looking at me. I smile and you do too. There is something in your eyes that is unmistakable. You want to know what I would feel like, sitting on your cock.

We dance a little, up close and personal. I feel you getting hard, and realise we have managed to dance our way into a dark corner. People are all around us, minding their own business but they can still see us if they looked. The adrenaline is running high, and the sexual tension is even higher.

We sit on the chair, kissing and secretly touching, caressing my breasts. You take your cock out and it easily finds its way into me. We rock slowly, not wanting to make a scene. I whisper I want you to come in my ass, and your eyes light up.

I turn round and sit on your waiting cock, and you gasp as it is so tight, holding your cock like a vice. You start to thrust your hips forward, pushing deep in my ass. We are lost in the feelings now, forgot there were people about, the blaring music taken over by the sound of our heatbeat racing in our heads. Eyes closed, not far from the end now, when we are startled by the bouncer. He bends over so we can both hear him, tells us we need to stop or he will throw us out.

I grab his t-shirt, pull him towards me and tell him to shut up and get on his knees, lick my pussy and make me scream. He is surprised, but feels himself getting aroused. All this time you are still in my ass, throbbing, pushing in and out, waiting to come. The bouncer looks around and drops to his knees, puts his head under my skirt and licks my soaking pussy fast and hard. I move faster on your cock, and you moan in my ear that you are close to coming. The bouncer must have heard you, because he looked up with a gleam in his eye. I hadnt noticed but he had taken his massive cock out and was stroking it. Still on his knees he slid it into me, making my ass smaller and gripping you tight. As he pounds my pussy, you move faster too. There is nothing like this feeling! I come hard, bringing you with me too, and you shoot into my tiny ass your hot juices. The bouncer is not far off, and its not long before I am full of jizz! The bouncer says nothing as he returns to his post, and we realise we need a shower now! As we walk across the dancefloor to the door, you get a few congratulatory pats from envious blokes, and I get evil looks from the few jealous girls who were in prime position to see the size of the two cocks that have just satisfied me.