Written by swingers1965

23 Jan 2006

first time i had the chance of my wifes friend to get close-my wife told me she thought her friend was good looking and should not have trouble meeting men when i suggested she may not be that way-to my amazement,my wife said she would tease her and see if she was that way-the following night we invited her round and had a few drinks when my wife sat beside her and put her hand on her leg she looked at us amazed -i thouht that was it but she turned round and said she had wanted to try this but did not know how to tell us-well in almost an instant they sent me to bathroom to wash my cock -when i walked in -they where both undressed-wife told me to put cock inside friend while she sat on my face -i nearly came in seconds-but managed to stop it-well as night went on we swap from position to position i fingered them both at same time and guess what they both felt exactly the same inside -and taste apart from diffrent soap -there love juice tasted same-well have now done it with her other friends the same way -it is something all us blokes should do at least once in our lives i will never forget -if anybody else has done this they will know what i mean-oh well time for sex with the wife alone now-bye