Written by unknown

29 Dec 2009

I have visited this site many times since my best friend told me about it I am a mother of two don't get out much as my husband is always away golfing or fishing so this site and it's stories have helped me out many many times.

Never ever thinking I'd write one here I have a story to tell which has happened recently I was invited out to my friends xmas party being the only time I have been out in the last few months the drink was flowing and I was a bit tipsy all dressed up in my new clothes I felt sexy again and what helped was all the attention I was getting from the guys, my friend was well drunk and was happily snogging someone in the corner of the office, a handsome guy came across and started to flirt with me he was dark and about 6ft 2" as I'm about 5ft 11" in my heels we danced and he started kissing me I pulled away and said sorry I'm married he just smiled and pulled me back to dance by now my friend had disappeared into a room as I looked for her john came behind me and held my hand and guided me into another office I found myself kissing him back I could feel his hardness pressing against me as his hands held my bum tight against him, just then we heard a noise it was lynne my friend getting shagged therein the side office we could see straight in her legs were wrapped around this guy and he was fucking her sensless this was a turn on and before I knew it john was kissing my neck and his fingers were finding there way into my panties as he fingered me I was helpless to do anything to stop him he pulled my strap down and started to suck my nipples while rubbing my now very wet slit dipping a finger or two in every now and then, he dropped his trousers down and got his cock out pushing me down to suck him off to which I didn't object to he was so thick I could hardly get him in my mouth the taste of his salty pre-cum was a taste I'd never tasted for years he held my head and hair as he moved his cock in and out of my mouth telling me to lick and suck his balls which I'd never done before then without a warning he stood me up turned me over and took me from behind over the desk pulling my panties to one side as he entered me with one hard thrust I could feel every inch of him inside me thrusting away any worries of someone catching us had long gone he withdrew and shot a load of hot cum up my back and I could feel it running down the crack of my arse he turned me over and knelt down and started to lick me holding one leg over his shoulder his tongue deep inside of me I started to cum gushing all over his face and shirt he did not move just kept licking me his thumb found it's way to my arse hole rubbing it gently and entering now and then which I came again he stood up and fucked me there and then cupping my tits I could feel every stroke hard and deep and hear the noise my wet fanny was making with every stroke he came again up me the feeling of his hot spunk filling me up was amazing he withdrew and asked me to suck him off with me swallowing every drop.

As we left that night my friend lynne said she had set it all up as she's been fucking that other guy now for months and knew his mate was going as well,

The funny thing is I don't feel one bit guilty about it I loved every minute of it and might do it again as lynne has suggested we go out again soon as she is married so we have to be carefull.