Written by dobin

25 May 2007

Few years ago I was asked to join a couple of mates for a trip to Norfolk doing some sea fishing, I hate fishing but saw the chance to get away from wife and went along quite happily. Of course the weather was cold and fish didn't seem to be biting so I turned out my bag and found a nice bottle of scotch and sipped away as the other happily did the fishing bit, it wasn't long before I suggested the pub and off we went, back to our rented holiday house first then just a few yards to the pub, playing darts we soon started to chat to a couple of girls at the bar, one had a her youngish daughter with her, approx 12 I suppose (no don't worry I didn't go there!!!), the 2 older girls challenged us to darts and it soon turned into a right laugh with so much drink flowing and all well tanked up,

Jean said that we should all go back to hers for coffee and nobody objected, Soon in the house the daughter was packed off to bed and I sat on the floor next to the older lady (Jean) and my mate on the settee with the young un Debs, poor Simon was a loner in an armchair and looked like the drink had caught up with him. I soon realised that Jean had been to the loo and her knickers were off as I could see right up her skirt to her bum the way she sat on the floor with one knee up giving the best view, I slipped a hand up her skirt and was rewarded with a wet hot juicy cunt and a kiss as a prize for finding it. The other two on the settee were kissing by now and Grahams hands down Debs front, but Debs got her gaze fixed on my cock that Jean was now proudly wanking. She held me by the cock and got up, and led me off to the bathroom, she slipped off all her clothes and knelt before me helping my trousers off sucking my now enormous erection, we didn't waste any time, I wanted to fuck her so I laid her down and rammed my cock home in one thrust to the delight of Jean who came immediately. We stayed fucking for about half an hour and then Debs wanted to come in to the loo, I let her and she hoisted her skirt and peed as we still laid there naked and I was pumping away, she obviously didn't want to leave in a hurry so I got off Jean and stood in front of her on the loo, my cock an inch from her face…Jean said to her to taste it which she did. I pulled her up took her knickers from her ankles and knelt her down over Jean and fucked her hard, she started to finger Jean and eventually Debs came.

Graham was apparently in bed and she had got his cock out and was a bit disappointed after seeing mine earlier and thought she would get some of it before too late. She went off to bed and we heard the sound of bedsprings and grinned.

We got up and went back to the lounge where Simon was still apparently asleep and as he looked far gone. I started to fuck Jean again, this time she sat across me straddle me as she ground her cunt on me as if her life depended on it. I looked over to Simon, the crafty bugger wasn't asleep he was watcher her and me….I whispered to Jean and told her that he was watching she then put on an even better show until he could take no more, he came over with his long but thin cock out and jabbed away at her arse to DP her, she was in total ecstasy and screamed as she cum. This bought Debs running back down the stairs to see what was happening and by now Simon and Jean were fucking missionary as I watched, Debs was naked and fuck her tits were beautiful, I grabbed her and she sat on my lap with my cock going straight up her, kissing her squeezing her tits it was a total shagathon. Graham stayed in bed and Debs did go back to him, he never did find out I had fucked her three times that night and she had drunk my spunk.

The reason I say that is because not long after they were married and I really couldn't bring myself to tell him, he seems happy.

However, the sting in the tail of this story is that we three lads went back to our rented house and to bed totally fucked and still suffering from a massive amount of alcohol, and in the dim light of the morning, about 11 o'clock we were still nursing headaches when a knock on the door.. I couldn't answer it and Graham shot up to see who it was, this really ugly woman stood there and I thought it was the cleaner, Graham said….its for you (to me) and said why what do you want, then I looked a bit closer and bugger she was ugly, teeth all over the place badly bleached hair I cant tell you but I had a sick feeling come over me as Graham was nodding standing behind her and pointing and laughing.. I realised it was Jean. The old story that a bloke rarely goes to bed with an ugly woman but can often wake up with one….well it was true. She had come back for another session…the story goes on…..