Written by Unknown

15 Jun 2007

nervous meeting

I was all nervous, yet excited. It had been in the planning for so long, and now it was time. I was ready, I'd had a lovely long soak in the bubble bath, realxing, fantasising, caressing my boobs and playing with my pussy, but just teasing, not making myself come. I wanted to be very horny for tonight, and it didnt look like I was going to have any trouble getting horny!! I was dressed in my sexy new corset which pushed my boobs together and made them look even bigger. A matching thong, stockings, thigh high black boots and the all importand long black satin gloves finished off my outfit. Not wanting to seem too eager, I slipped on a wrap-around dress to cover my sexy outfit. I sat on the bed putting on a little makeup, this was a night to remember and I wanted to look extra sexy for it.

Watching the clock, it was nearing the time.

Expecting a knock on the hotel door, I was startled when they both just opened the door and walked in. They smiled to make me feel at ease, and then I saw you slip in the door and close it quietly and make sure it was locked. You came over and kissed me, told me it was all in my hands, if I didnt want to go ahead, it was fine. I looked over your shoulder as you were talking, and saw her taking off her coat. She too had made the effort for our first meeting, with a sexy little red and black leather bra, crotchless leather knickers and a bag that made a very interesting noise as she put it on the floor. He was also stripping off, facing away from me all I could see as he took his trousers off was a nice tight ass, oh how I was looking forward to playing with it! He turned round and I saw he was already getting hard. He was wearing a cock ring that had a vibrating bullet too. I looked you in the eyes and told you it was fine, I was looking forward to it! Telling you to get undressed, I went over and touched her, running my hands over her breasts and smiling as her nipples got hard at my touch. He turned me to face him and said with a sarcastic note that I hadnt made as much effort as they had with their outfits. I took the belt that held my dress closed, put it in his hand and said why didnt he pull it and see what happened. As he pulled, I let the dress slip off my shoulders onto the floor. I loved the look of desire in his eyes as he took in every curve of my body. Closing my eyes, I felt hands on my body, running up and down, over my breasts and between my legs. I felt kisses on my neck, heard naughty whispers, felt my thong get wetter with every word, every touch. I opened my eyes to see all three of you standing close. I wanted to kiss her, so I pulled her towards me and felt her tongue playing with mine. My hands found her breasts, large and real, nipples hard and I wanted to taste her. I took her bra off and played with her breasts before bending and taking a nipple in my mouth, gently biting, then licking. I was aware that the men were no longer beside us, I looked and they were on the bed, watching, playing with themselves. I looked at you, saw you were torn between watching us and watching him play with his cock. I told you to get on your knees and suck him and he seemed very eager for you to do it too. You knelt down and took him in your mouth, moving fast up and down his hard shaft. I told you to slow it down, lick and savour every taste, which you did. I turned my attention back to her, whispering for her to open her legs now. She opened them wide as I made my way down to her wet pussy, licking as I went. I was very horny as my tongue found her wet hole, sliding in and out with ease. I licked her clit, enjoyed hearing her moan and feel her push her pussy down onto my face. I looked over at you and saw you were looking at me, still with his cock in your mouth. You were very hard still, and I felt the need to sit on your cock now.

Standing up, I took her hand and led her over to the bed. She knelt beside you and licked his cock with you, her tongue playing with yours until you were kissing, leaving his cock standing, throbbing, wanting. She told you to lie on the bed, and said she wanted to watch me sit on your cock. I didnt need telling twice! I sat my soaking pussy on your cock, sliding all the way down. I know how you like me to ride you, how you like me teasing you, bringing you just to the point, but not over to make you come. He laid down beside us and she sat on him, bouncing on his cock too. We stopped together, I leant over to her and kissed her, smiling as I felt you react inside me. I wanted more, so I got off you, turned round and slid you into my ass. Lying ontop of you, you holding my breasts that were now pushed up over my corset, and playing with my nipples, she got off and started to lick me as I gently moved my hips to get you deeper into my ass. I looked at him and told him not to be left out. He got up on his knees, held my head and thrust his cock deep in my mouth, hard and fast. I could taste her juices on him, remembering how her pussy felt when I licked her.

I knew you were about to come, and I wasnt far off either so I pulled away from him and told him to go see to her wet pussy. He slammed his cock deep into her, and I felt his thrusts as she carried on licking me, moaning and panting into my smooth, shaved pussy. I felt my ass tighten around your cock as I came, screaming with pleasure, moaning loudly. You held back tho, because you had another idea. You told him to lie down now, and her to sit on his cock and lean back. You told me to lick her as she bounced which I was happy to do. I got onto my knees, bent down and started licking her clit and down his exposed shaft to his balls and back up again as she sat down deep on him. I felt you slide into my pussy now, tight after my orgasm, and wet from her licking. She was moaning loud, saying she was coming at the same time as you thrust hard and deep into me as you came too.

As she got off, he pushed her to her knees beside me and told us to suck him until he came. We took turns licking, sucking and playing with his balls. Taking him in our mouths for a few seconds each and slyly playing with eachother too with our fingers. Soon he was coming and he pulled away, letting his hot sticky juice land on our exposed breasts as we rubbed it all over eachothers nipples.