Written by mickley

21 Jul 2005

Christ I'd been so bored all morning. So bored in-between seeing to a couple of old fogies who needed their dressings changed, I'd secretly been playing with myself to ease the boredom and my frustration. God, I was so wet and horney.

As a practice nurse, normally you have to get your appointments sorted, and manage your time. That morning I simply couldn't be bothered.

I sort of got myself behind on purpose. I mean, I knew that my last two apointments were two good-looking men. I had a wicked idea around eleven. I was dripping thinking about it.

Mr Best, a fifties fit-guy needed his stitches taken out, and Mr Johnson a blond thirtie's something dish just need a good seeing to as far as I was concerned, even though he needed me to redress his sprained ankle.

Boy, was I hot. I thought the thing through wickedly.

As I said , I ran late on purpose. My normal finishing time was 12 noon. It was ten-to already.

I opened the door to let old Mr Senior out. 'Take it steady, please,' I scorned playfully as he wobbled off, head bowed, leaning heavily on his

old-fashioned wooden walking stick with the badges on the hilt.

I tried to act nonchalantly. 'I'm running out of time,' I said as I glanced at my watch. ' look,' I said authoritatively, ' I won't have time to see you both individually, but I could see you both at once,'

I just hoped I'd got away with it. I couldn't believe my luck when they both agreed!

They both walked in.

Mr Best sat opposite me at the other side of my desk, and Mr Johnson sat on the spare seat near the window.

Now I have to be honest, to cut a long story short, I wasn't interested in Best's stitches or Johnson's sprained ankle, but their cocks, now I was interested in them.

I asked Best to come over to me. I was trembling excitedly as I asked him to drop his trousers so that I could examine him.

'Why drop my trousers?' he looked so confused as I helped him undo his belt. God, I was so impatient. I helped him ease them down over his knees. Christ what a bulge! He looked embarrassed.

' Not to worry, I sometimes have this effect on men,' I heard myself say seductively. I was feeling so fucking hot by now. My slit was dripping. I looked up at Johnson as I ran my fingers over his pants. I let my fingernails tug on the soft cotton over the tip of his cock. 'I'm running out of time,' I signaled over to Best who was soon by my side.

I didn't need to tell him to drop his trousers. Fuck me! He'd got them off

Before he'd got over to my desk. My hand was now inside Johnson's pants. By now I was teasing his balls and he was running his fingers through my hair. His soft moans were making me wetter and wetter.

Then it all began to click in place. Christ, Best didn't waste any time. He came straight up, got his hard cock out and presented it to me. Well, I just had to eat it. As I took it gently into my mouth, I pulled Johnson's underpants down and started to wank him. Naugty nurse or what! I'd got a patients cock in my mouth and was wanking another. This was fucking heaven.

They both started to moan. God, it felt so powerful and dirty to have two men getting so hot over what I was I was doing. I forced them both into my mouth. Their moans were getting louder. I knew I wouldn't be long. I gave my orders. Now was the time.

' I need you both to masturbate,' I purred in as professional way as I could. 'I can work out your blood pressures by your spurt rate.' I must have got away with it. Soon they were both wanking furiously as I fingered their arseholes with my long nails.

Christ! I had them in a frenzy. Louder and louder they got until finally, they both shot their hot cum all over my face. I could feel it dripping into my eager mouth. It felt so good. It was fucking heaven, I can tell you.

They always come to see me together now, every other Friday, last appointment. We have a real naughty time together in my surgery.

Well, every job as its perks.