Written by helpray

24 Sep 2006

After I was told the bad news about my illness and that I could not keep my wife happy any more from the trouser department I started to have ideas about getting her some fun, this is what I want for her.

I want her to be out with me and a bunch of guys come and join in the conversation at the bar and when I go out the back one of the guys suggests that my wife would look nice in bed or something like that, and start getting into her about sex and things as she would love that and would love the banter. When I return the talk goes on and then I suggest that one of the guys has taken a fancy to her and if she agrees then it is happy shopping for condoms as I want to she her get gang banged by a lot of guys and the biggest waiting till last so she can take it all and then back for more as when she gets going she can go all night and she loves a bit of rough stuff while being opened up with fists and other objects.

I would suggest that a group of well hung lads who are interested should get in touch as we can travel and we can get this on all I want is to watch her get the f---ing of her life and by some very well hung guys white or black the latter I would prefer but I have not any objections about who.

All I would do is get her willing to accept the first one and then we can let everyone else in on it, then I just stand back and you guys take over the show and abuse the s--t out of her. Good luck and waiting for some replies!!!