Written by unknown

7 Nov 2005

After reading stories on this site I have oftern wondered what it would be like to see my normally reserved wife get fucked by another man. Infact, I had oftern encouraged her that she needed more then I could offer her in the trouser department. She would just laugh and say she was very happy with the curret arrangements "thank you". Nessa is in her Mid thirties but is very attractive and still gets loads of attention especially from younger males.

One night whilst we were in our local having a drink we were invited to a party after closing time by some frieds of ours who lived some ten minutes walk from our house. At the party my wife who loves dancing was chated up by a young lad half her age and she ended up on the dance floor struting her stuff. During a slow number I noticed that they had become very clingy and she seemed to be enjoying the contact. As I enplained earlier she oftern gets this sort of attention which did not bother me as it normally warmed her up for a me when we got home if you get my drift. At around 12.30 I suggested to Nessa that as time was getting on and as I had a very early start the next morning that maybe we should retire. She said she was having a good time and would I mind if she stayed a bit longer. I said it was no problem as long as she got a taxi home for safety reasons. She kissed me passionatly on the door step and thanked me for letting her stay. I had been walking home for about 5 minutes when I realised that I had left my coat along with my house keys in the spare room of our friends house. Upon returning to the party I went sraight upstairs to collect my coat but was unable to enter the darkened room to retrieve my coat due to the fact that it was occupied by a couple who were obviously enjoying an intimate clince on the bed in the corner of the room. Never mind I thought I will simply wait untill they are finished and sat back to casually watch the action. As my eyes adjusted to the light the full implications of what I was watching dawned on me. Yes, you guessed right, it was my wife and her young stud who were occupping the bed space. I was rivoted to the spot. One part of me wanted to break them up but a strange other part of me allowed them to comtinue. After a few moments her new lovers hand pulled up the hem of het skirt revealling her stoocking tops and thin thong. Jean was obviously enjoying the attention and her legs opened wide to assist his advances. Her young stud expertly removed her thong and soon his fingers were rasping across the top of her now exposed clit. The look on her face said it all. She was in heaven. As her cunt became wet one, two, then three fingers disapeared into her rampant hole. After fingering her to her first orgasism, he licked the juices from her saturated hole, and stood up to remove his jeans to reveal what I can only describe as a magnificenet weapon. Not only was it long but thick with a huge bell end. He nelt on the bed and offered it orrally to Nessa whilst he again pluged her gaping fanny wth his fingers. Bless her she tried to suck him off but was unable to get it into her mouth. She looked like a child licking an ice cream cone. At this point I was going to interupt worried that he would hurt her but was stopped dead in my tracks when I heard my normally demure wife say " its your cock I want up me not your fingers" He wasted no time and posioned himself between jeans legs. He reached down between them and rubbed his bell end against her cunt lips. Inch by inch he slid his cock into my wifes eager snatch. As he began to shaft her she wrapped her high heels and stockinged legs around him and had her second orgasism of the sesion which was more violent then the first. At this stage I also shot my load inside my trousers and realised that I was greatly enjoyed the experience. He continued fucking her for what seemed an

age with jean urging him on with language I had never heard from her. Eventually his pace quickened and he shot what seemed a gallon of spunk up my wife. She orgasimed nosily for a third time and he rolled of her. She lay with her legs open. There combinned juices ran out of her now stretched gash, over her stocking tops, and onto my coat which I had dumped on the bed. I nipped to the toilet and when I returned they had gone back to the party. I immediatly collected my spunk saturated coat containing my keys and sneaked out of the back door. I now had very mixed feelings.Whilst lying in bed I was unable to take in what I had just witnessed. About an hour later her taxi dropped her off and she was in bed beside me. I asked if she had had a good time and she said she had. I jokinlg asked if she had been fucked and she carmly said "Yes" After a brief silence she wispered "you have been right all along dear I do need bigger cock" She went on to explin that Chris her young lover was infact comming to the house the next night to fuck her again. "you can watch if you like" she said teasingly as she fell asleep next to me. Little did she know I already had. In fact her young stud arrived with his mate. But that story is for another