Written by unknown

7 Jan 2006

My Swinging Neighbours.

The best swinging experiences are those that happen naturally and unexpectedly. It's happened for me more than once and here is one of them.

I come from the southeast and when I finished college I had to move to the midlands for my first job. I was a bit skint so I had to rent a flat with a common entrance. (No pun intended!) Various people came and went in the downstairs flat, and one day a couple in their 30's turned up, Keith and Barbara. He worked as a manager for a chain of bingo halls and they kept moving him around. He would go to work at about 5:30pm and come home at midnight, and Barbara stayed home alone watching tele. Well, I didn't have a tele so she invited me down most nights and we would sit on the settee together.

I won't say she was that attractive but she was a warm friendly person, slim with long brown hair. After a bit I found that she had a soft spot for Bacardi and coke, so one night I came armed with a bottle and some cans and some fresh lemons. We sat watching TV for a while and she did some serious damage to the bottle and was obviously feeling relaxed. Then I became aware that she was sitting a bit close and her leg was touching mine, and I began to wonder how she would respond if I tried it on. I hadn't been with a girl for some time and I started to feel horny. So I did try it on.

'This light is a bit bright, can we turn it off?', I asked, and she said OK. We sat in the dark with just the light of the TV which was pretty bright when we got used to it. I topped up her class and sat down so that we were touching, and said close to her ear 'Romantic, isn't it?'

'Like the back row of the pictures', she said laughing, and she leaned closer. Well, here goes, I thought, and I gave her a gentle kiss. She responded straight away and it soon got a bit passionate so I knew then that it was going to happen. That's a wonderful moment, when the thought hits that it is going to happen, and you know that you can take things slowly and savour the anticipation. I fondled her breast a little then slowly and gently a put my hand on the inside of her leg and went a little way up her dress. I could here her breathing close to my ear.

'Oh god', she whispered, 'I'm an idiot when I've had a couple of drinks, I start to feel really dirty – it's alright you know, you can if you want.' So I slid my hand right up her dress till I was touching her knickers. Her dress was a bit tight and she couldn't open her legs very far, so I pulled it up round her waste and I knew then that she was as horny as me, because she opened her legs really wide and said 'oh yeah, go on, feel me, I like it when you feel me', in a breathy, resigned sort of way. I felt her hand on my jeans and she fumbled around but couldn't seem to manage, so I did it for her and kicked my jeans onto the floor. She took my cock in her hand and squeezed and stroked and it got as hard as it had ever been, and then she whispered, ever so softly, 'Do you want me to suck it?'

Well, I did but I didn't, if you see what I mean. What I really wanted was to get her naked on her back and just fuck her, so I just sort of hesitated. Then she said 'Do you want to put it in me, you know, properly?' I said I did and asked if she wanted to go somewhere else more comfy, and she said 'We can if you like, I don't mind … or we can just … you know … on the floor.'

So I pulled her down on the floor and pulled her dress up and she opened her legs really wide and I played with her for a while and got my tongue between her legs and she got very excited, sighing and gasping. I asked her to take her clothes off and she said, 'No, I like it with my clothes on, do you mind? It's sort of … dirty, I like to feel really dirty when I do it.'

I got the message, it really helps when a girl tells you what she likes. I knelt between her legs and touched her cunt with the end of my cock and gently eased it into her and started to fuck her . I felt sure she wanted me to say dirty thing to her so I started say things like 'You are a dirty rude girl aren't you? Fancy letting me do this to you. Do you like doing this? Does it feel nice? Do you get a nice feeling between you legs when a man does this?

She started huffing and puffing and writhing about and then she said 'Do this – do this', and she pulled herself away from me and took my cock in her hand and rubbed it against the little bulge of her cunt and started to wank me off. It didn't take long because she kept saying 'Spunk on me – spunk on me', and I got a massive orgasm had shot loads of spunk all over the little mound of her cunt and on her dress. Then she got up very quickly, sat on the edge of the settee, pulled up her dress and said 'Do what you were doing before, you know, with your tongue', so I knelt in front of her and did what she wanted. I could hear her breathing and sighing and kind of talking to herself, saying things like 'Oh god it's so rude, I can't help it, it feels so nice', then she started to shake violently and pushed herself against me and that's when she got what she wanted.

After we calmed down a bit we suddenly noticed that it was nearly time for her partner to come home and I thought I had better go, but she laughed and said it didn't matter. She said if he found us together it would turn him on no end and the three of us could have a nice time together. Well all I could do is take her word for it so we sat on the settee and she started playing with me and just as I got nice and hard Keith walked in. He stood there looking at us for a bit and then laughed and said 'I might have known it, leaving you two alone.' Barbara laughed too and said 'You're too late, the dirty sod has just fucked me and he was really filthy with me.' Then he stood in front of her and she unzipped his trousers and I have to admit that what came out was bigger than mine. She played with it for a while and suddenly it was in her mouth. Well it was the first time I had seen a couple have sex and it sent my blood racing.

Keith whispered something to her and she turned to me and said 'We're going to do it, do you want to watch us?' I didn't manage to answer, the she said 'I'm going into the bedroom, give me five minutes.' While she was gone Keith asked me if I had ever watched a girl being fucked and I said I hadn't. 'You're in for a treat', he said, 'she will be putting on something sexy. Come on, let's go and see.'

When we got into the bedroom Barbara was lying on the bed with a little short black nightdress and she was holding a toy. She laughed and said 'This is my favourite, do you want to watch me?' The she pulled up her nightdress, opened her legs and expertly slid the toy inside herself. My pulse was really pounding now and it had the same effect on Keith. Suddenly he was naked on the bed with her and his cock was in her mouth again. Then he was on top of her and was fucking her and she was turning herself on with dirty talk just as she had done with me, saying thins like, 'Oh Christ, he's watching us, he's watching us, it's so filthy, he's watching us do it.' Then they sort of froze and started shaking and I knew he was cuming in her.

They lay side by side for a while and I was sitting on the side of the bed still with nothing but my t-shirt on and very hard. Barbara smiled at me and started playing with my Cock. 'Do you mind' she said, 'he likes to watch me do this to a bloke. You can feel me while I do it if you want.' So I started to feel her and her hand felt lovely on my cock. The thought that she had loads of spunk inside her really excited me, and I could still see the races of what I had done on her. I soon got a powerful orgasm and it lasted ages because I could see what came out of me over her hand.

Well, that was that. I went to bed very, very happy. I felt sure it would happen again, and it did, more than once.