Written by sctuk

14 Sep 2005

I was in a chat room, feeling horny and got chatting to a local guy. After several explicit chats a meet was arranged at his place. Very nervous I rang the doorbell, the door opened and I almost changed my mind....almost. After a few mins trying to relax he took hold of my belt, undone it, quickly released my jeans that fell to the floor. It took me by surprise, in my haste I pulled him to my face and began ti kiss him intensely. I felt his cock hard and against my thigh, I couldn't resist the urge to grab his thick cock in my hands. I dropped to my knees, then for the first time I took him deep into my mouth, it tasted so good, over the next half hour we kissed, sucked and wanked each other. I was loving every minute, he loved my shaved pubes and smooth skin. I wanted to taste him, so I sucked and caressed him until he said he was about to cum, I wanted him to fill my mouth so I took him deeper until I felt him gently hold my head in position as fe filled me with lovely warm cum, I had never tasted anothe mans cum before (or since) but it was so nice I just had to lick him clean aferwards. With his cum still slipping down my throat, he stood me up, dropped to his knees and sucked me dry.

God i wish I was dressed in sexy lingerie, maybe next time, I still need a man to take my Bi-Virginity