Written by bitterfrost

8 Jan 2006

my next door neighbour pooped round the other day and asked if i could help fix a problem with her PC. she is 40 not pretty, but attracticve and very slim.

i went round alone as my wife was making the dinner, i started to look at her pc, she then said she had to go upstairs to fetch something. 5 mins passed and she returned.

as i continued to repair the pc she knelt down beside me and started chatting, we chatted for around 3 mins and i noticed her knee length skirt slowly rising up her legs. i didn,t say anything but i did continue to look.

the more we talked the futher up it went until she revealed the white panties with a very damp gusset.

i could feel my cock buldging in my trousers and i'm sure she could see it to.

anyway i fixed the problem on the pc and said i had better go home, as i stood up my buldge was very obviously still there, she told me i could not go home like that and asked if she could releave the pressure, i could not beleive she had said that but i agreed.

she took me in to the kitchen and started to undo my trousers, my huge cock was poking out the top of my boxers. she asked me to sit on the work top, which i did, she then begin what can only be described as the perfect blowjob.

as she was sucking away her boyfriend returned home and walked in on us, well, i didn't know what to say.

to my dissmay she told her boyfriend to lift her skirt and fuck her whilst she continued with the blow job, he did not say a word but did exactly as she asked.

10 mins passed and i could feel meself reaching the point of no return and shot my full load in her mouth and over her face. she the asked if we could swap ends, i didn't think that i could go again so quickly but i had no problem, i got of the work top and swapped over with her boyfriend. when i entered her soaked pussy i could feel the he must have cum inside her an i could see thick white cum on my cock, this got me so excited that it only took me about 1 minute to pump her full of hot sticky cum. her boyfriend hadn't shot his second load at this point but i couldn't stay any longer as my wife must have been wondering where i was. i got dressed and left them to it.

my wife did not suspect a thing though she got a right good fucking that night.

my neighbour has not made any passing comment on what happened but i cant wait for her PC to pack up again.