Written by unknown

19 Nov 2006

I rent a room off George and Lynne. They told me they need the money to pay off the mortgage.

Lynne is 42 and a redhead, she is a lady with a slightly larger figure, but very sensuous. George is 53, but in very good shape he looks after his body very well. I always looked upon them as friends. I often shred wine and dinner with them, Lynne I thought sometimes flirted with me.

So a couple of years ago it was there wedding anniversary. For a joke I bought Geoff a thong, and Lynne a pair of edible knickers. So before I went to work that morning. I placed the present at there bedroom door. I almost knocked but I heard some noises.

I went to work not thinking anything of it. When I got back that evening. Lynne greeted me at the door with a bottle of champagne, and told me it was to say thank you for my present.

So we both started to have a drink and a chat, she started to tell me what fun they had with my present. Lynne said she was saving her panties for tomorrow as George had to go to Wrexham on business.

Anyway the drink flowed we got a takeaway. I don't know how it all started but I do remember Lynne nipping upstairs and coming back down wearing only her panties and a bra far too small for her boobs. Then she asked me do you think Geoff will eat me. I replied if he doesn't I will and laughed.

The next I remember is Geoff coming through the door and saying. I'd pay too see that. I jokingly said how about no rent for a month. Geoff said allright but you wear the pants and let me watch Lynne eat them off you.

I had far too many drinks, and I found all this quite a turn on before I knew it Lynne had me undressed and was teasing my nipples with her tongue. I could see Geoff sitting in a chair, with his trousers at his knees and his hand stroking his tool. Next thing Lynne threw the panties at Geoff and said you eat them. I'm going to taste Susans sweet pussy.

That's when it all started.


Susansinning at liamtoh moc