Written by wee_pixie

19 Aug 2007

We got back to my house at about two in the morning after a fancy dress night out. We were texting my ex's ex housemate all night flirting like hell - I've had him before, but my friend hadn't and wanted to try him out. We got back to mine and were sitting on the patio drinking as it was still warm out. We were still texting the guy at this point, but he'd gone all quiet on us, so we gave up and got a delivery.

Just as we began to eat(chips and garlic sauce - not a nice smell for the poor guy), he knocked on the lounge window and came in absolutely wasted and horny as hell. As soon as he sat down with us on the sofa he started kissing and touching us the way we'd been wanting him to all night. We decided to take it upstairs to my room as that's where I keep my 'box of tricks'. I put on some GGG in the background and by now we were almost undressed from starting it off in my lounge.

The guy totally stripped off and lay down on my bed whilst my friend went down on him, I sat on his face and at times just watched my friend feast on him. We then swapped places with her sitting on his face and me giving head. I must say that at times this guy can get overexcited and properly fcuk face - as in until gagging and so on, which my friend is not used to, so I had to keep telling him to be gentle with her!! I then lay down on the bed with my friend licking my plate while I was playing with her cute little brown nipples and the guy fcuking her ass. I decided to get out my flavoured body paint and we licked it off eachothers bodies to finish off the quick threesome as he had to rush back to his girlfriend who is now his wife!!