Written by randypete

13 Jan 2006

Hiya, this is the story of my first swing meeting with a couple.

I was interested in swinging and also a little bi-curious so it was for this reason that I placed an advert on a swingers website, well in actual fact I placed adverts anywhere and everywhere (as long as it was free) and waited, and waited, and waited…………..

Then one day out of the blue came an email, It was from a chap who was seeking help in satisfying his wife, and even better only 12 miles away!

We arranged to meet up at their place for a coffee and a chat, I was nervous but excited at the same time, I walked up the path and had butterflies in my stomach!

Anyhow, I went in and was made to feel very welcome, she was a little younger than myself and he was a little older. We spent a good hour discussing swinging and sex in general and by the end had all decided that we would like to give it a go in a few days time.

The due day arrived and I was very very nervous, would I be able to get it up? Would I come to quick? Being only 6 inches would they feel let down?

I was let in by the hubby who told me to sit on the settee and he sat opposite, she walked in and WOW!! She had a very short tight skirt on and very little else!

She stood in front of me and hubby told me that she wanted to feel my fingers inside her, I raised her skirt and saw the most marvellous shaven pussy glistening at me, I pushed in first one finger and then another, she started swaying back and forth and put her hands on my head for balance (I think she would have fell over otherwise), she was moaning and pushing herself towards me and I fingered her pushing now 3 fingers into her, she was shaking and pulling my hair and with a loud cry collapsed onto the settee beside me rubbing her pussy with both hands, Hubby told me to go down on her so I got to my knees and nearly drowned in her pussy it was so wet, now she had hold of my ears and was thrusting herself into my face moaning and groaning the whole time, again she was shaking and told me to finger her ass, this I did and she was loving it!

Hubby was taking photos of us (see some of them in my profile) and was wanking himself at the same time. She told me she wanted to see my cock so I took off my trousers and y-fronts and she grabbed it and took it to the back of her throat and within seconds I shot my load!

Hubby by then was very excited and told her to bend over, He took his cock and pushed it into her ass, she moaned softly but as he increased his speed she was shouting and screaming, he was merciless, banging in harder and harder and she was shaking, her whole body trembling. I was hard again by now and being sat on the settee next to them started playing with her tits, she then was sucking my cock while he banged her, I think him seeing her suck me did the trick as he pulled out of her and shot his load all over her back.

She got up and disappeared to the bathroom for a few minutes and when she came back came straight over to me and straddled my still erect dick, pushing me back onto the settee so that I was on my back, while she was riding me hubby came over and was playing with my balls, this was weird as I had never had a bloke touch me before but she was talking to me asking me was it nice and would I like to suck him for her, I was really not sure about this but agreed and he had us both sucking him while she rode me, before long I think he was close because he got up behind her and went for her ass again, now she had both of us fucking her at the same time, she was going crazy and moaning and crying out 'you bastards' you bastards', I shot another load into her and that must of triggered her as she collapsed on top of me and laid still while hubby wanked himself off in front of us.

It was a really good initiation into swinging and we had many good sessions for the next two years until they moved away.

We made several videos (a mate of mine joined us as well for those) which the hubby sold to a porno company in Japan!

Keep an eye out for more TRUE STORIES as I get a chance to put them on here.