Written by unknown

20 Mar 2006

Diary of a Sexy Young Man – Part One

My first time

This is my story. Where it all took place and who was involved will not be told, suffice it to say that it all began in the latter half of the 1940's when I was just old enough to understand all that happened.

I lived in a large Georgian house in a seaside town with just my mother. I only found out why she had broken up with my father years later and the explanation was simple – he wasn't my father! My mother had a lady friend who used to visit from time to time. They used to sit in the living time and talk a lot and I didn't take much notice, but I remember she always had the same bag, a sort of briefcase. She lived with a doctor but I don't think they were married. My mother visited them a lot and sometimes she would stay all night.

I was alone a lot because my mother spent so much time with them. With the curiosity of youth I would poke around in draws and wardrobes and one day I came across a couple on those old cardboard box files on top of her wardrobe. Inside were large brown envelopes and what do you think was inside? Loads of large black and white photos of men and ladies 'doing it'. To give you some idea, there was one with the lady on her back with her skirt pulled up and a man on top of her and you could see his large cock going right in between her legs and it looked really stiff. She had a sort of agonised look on her face. In another the man was lying on his back and a lady was holding his cock and it was very stiff and there was sperm all over the end and running down the back of her hand. Well, that was no surprise, but in another picture a man was standing in front of a lady who was sitting on a couch of some kind. His cock was very hard and it was in her mouth and she was holding his balls, sort of squeezing them.

Wow! Do they do that? There were loads of other photos, but there was one which told me all I needed to know. A lady was sitting on the same couch and a man was beside her. Her legs were wide apart and her skirt was pulled right up. With one had she had pulled her knickers to one side and the man had his hand between her legs with his finger up her cunt and she was holding his cock. You couldn't see any of their faces but something in the picture hit me like a ton of bricks. Lying on the floor, half out of shot, was a bag and I recognised it straight away. It was the one the doctor's lady always had. It must be her in the picture. So that's what they got up to! I looked through other pictures and she was in many of them. There was one that really turned me on. She was lying on the floor and a man was kneeling between her legs which where wide apart. She was holding his cock and rubbing it on her knickers between her legs and there was spunk all over them. Well, I don't have to tell you what I had to go and do!

The whole business kind of disturbed me but excited me. One day, when my mother was getting ready for one of her visits I asked her if she was going to stay the night. She looked a bit flustered and said 'I don't know, it depends …'. Whether she thought I had guessed the little game or was just fed up with being left alone I don't know, but later that night there was a knock at the door and I was very surprised to see that it was the doctor's lady, Eve.

'Hello', she said, 'I know you are alone so I thought I would pop round to keep you company.' She sat down on the settee and I made tea and we chatted for a bit. I was feeling a bit awkward. Then she said 'Have you ever been alone in a house with a lady before?' I thought a bit and said I hadn't, so she said, 'Well, most men in a situation like this start thinking about things they would like to do to the lady, you know, rude things, don't tell me that you don't know what I mean'. Then she pulled a sort of face and laughed and told me to come and sit beside her. By this time I knew that something was going to happen, I didn't know what, but I was feeling excited and when I got up to sit beside her I realised that my cock was really hard. Of course she saw that and laughed and said, 'Gosh, what's that?' Then when I sat beside her she leaned over and said in my ear, 'Whatever it is its looks pretty big – do you know, I think I would like to play with it.' I was intensely conscious of being with an older woman and it was kind of warm and reassuring – I guess every man has inherited something from Oedipus.

She put her hand on my jeans and pretty soon she undid them and she had my cock in her hand and it was really stiff. She kept speaking softly in my ear and she asked me if I wanted to touch her somewhere really rude, so I put my hand on the inside of her leg and things started to happen. She wriggled around and pulled her skirt right up and opened her legs really wide and the next thing I knew I had my hand on her knickers and I could feel the little bulge of her cunt and I was amazed at how warm and soft and fleshy it was. She pushed my jeans down and I kicked them off and opened my legs so that she could play with my cock nicely. It was bigger and stiffer that it had ever been and she squeezed it and started to wank me off. She gave a dirty little laugh and said 'You know what will happen if I do this long enough don't you? After a while you will get a really nice rude feeling and there will be white sticky stuff all over the place!' She wasn't wrong. Pretty soon I got a really powerful orgasm that seemed to go on for ages and I spunked all over my t-shirt and it was all over the back of her hand, just like the photo I had seen.

I must say she was really nice. She gave her dirty little laugh and said 'There, there's nothing wrong with doing this, everybody likes it. Would you like me to show you how to give a lady a nice rude feeling like that?' She slipped her knickers off, leaned back and opened her legs and said 'Feel me, go on, I like it when you feel me'. I started feeling her and she got hold of my hand and guided my finger between the folds of her flesh and said 'Rub me there, that's it, that's nice. Now put you finger right in, that's it. Ooh that nice.' Some things just come naturally and after a while she started to tremble and arch her body up and said 'Oh, oh don't stop', really loud, and then just sank back on the settee red in the face and breathing hard.

We just sort of cuddled up a bit after that and she talked for a long time, telling me all sorts of things I didn't know. Then she started playing with me again and it soon went hard. She looked at me and did her dirty little laugh and said, 'You know, there's a nicer way to get that lovely feeling than that. You know what I mean don't you?' She stood up and threw a cushion on the floor and pulled me down on top of her. I felt her get hold of my cock and rub it between her legs till it was stiffer than ever, then she stretched her legs wide apart and said, 'Go on, push it in and do me and for god's sake don't stop till I tell you.'

After a bit of wriggling about I found the right way to get my cock right up her cunt and I just fucked her till I came. She seemed to be writhing about and arching her body and her voice was really loud in my ear. Her body shook and she made strange gasping noises and we just lay there panting for a while.

She stayed for quite a while. We got our clothes back on and slowly came back down to earth. Before she left she made me promise to keep our little secret, and said that as long as I did we could have lots more fun together. She told me to give it a few days and phone her. I kept my promise and she kept hers.

Part 2 to follow.