Written by unknown

21 Nov 2005

I used to have a friend called Ian who was married and travelled for his work so he was away a lot. Like most men we discussed our sexual exploits and he told me that he has girlfriends in other towns and he sometimes stayed with them. I asked him what his wife thought of that and he said that it was not a problem, that his wife new all about it. I asked him how he would feel if his wife did the same and he said it would depend on the guy. If he liked him and trusted him and it was all in the open it would be OK, and that he would like to watch his wife, (her name was Sally), having sex with another guy. He was desperate to get her started swinging.

Well, I wondered if I would fit into that category, because I really fancied July. She was about 20, quite short and just a tad on the plump side, and pure blond. She usually wore a short skirt and whenever we were together I had to struggle not to make it obvious that I was trying to get a glimpse of her knickers, which I did from time to time and it turned me on no end. Anyway, he wasn't telling me all this for nothing. He said it was OK by him if I had sex with July while he was away, after all it was only fair, but it was her choice. If I liked he would whisper some words in her ear, and that if she wanted to have sex with me while he was away then we could all get together later.

Some time later they invited me to stay for a few days but when I got there he said that something has cropped up and he had to leave early in the morning for work, and next morning about six o'clock I heard his car start and buzz off down the road. I had hardly woken up properly when the door opened and in came July with a cup of tea. I took the tea and she just stood there looking a bit nervous so I told her to sit down on the bed and she did, right at the other end! By now I was pretty sure that her husband had 'whispered the words' and she had made her choice, but was feeling a bit nervous about it. I decided to take it slowly and the chat went like this:-

'Can I ask you a question?'

'What is it?'

'It's a bit personal.'

'What is it?'

'How old were you when you got married?'


'I hope you don't think I am being rude, but have you ever had sex with any one else?' She blushed and said no, so I asked her if she thought she was missing out and she looked a bit flustered and didn't answer. By this time I was dying to have a nice time with her and I was really hard under the bedclothes.

I said 'It's really nice when you do naughty things with some one else. It's like the first time you do it but you know what to do and how to get what you want really nicely.' There was a bit of a silence then I said softly 'You know, there's no reason why you shouldn't have a nice time with another man as long as you are honest with Ian and he didn't mind.'

'Well,' she said, 'he does keep saying things like that, and anyway I know he does it and he says it's only fair if I do'.

So I decided to break the ice. I pulled her towards me and she sort of melted. We started to kiss and cuddle and I could feel that she was trembling slightly. I put my hand up her dress but she kept her thighs together, so I whispered to her that if she took her dress off and lay down beside me I would do something she would really like, and started to unbutton her dress. When it was all the way open down the front I pulled her down beside me and began to feel her breasts. She was blushing like mad and kept saying 'Oh fu…, oh fu…' in a breathy sort of way. I wanted to be really sure that she was happy about what was happening so I said, 'you know what's going to happen if we don't stop eh? You know what I want to do to you, are you sure you feel OK about it?'. She let out a big sigh and said ' Oh yeah, I know we're not supposed to do it but, well, you must think I'm awful but I really like it and I keep wantin' to do it. I just like the feel of it when I goes in. Do what you want.'

So I did. I pulled her leg towards me and ran my hand up her thigh till I was feeling her cunt through her knickers. Then I pushed the bedclothes off so she could see my cock and she got hold of it and gave it a squeeze, so I put my hand down her knickers and she was really wet. Then I put my hand on hers and coaxed it up and down my cock and said 'Do you think this would feel nice if it went between your legs ?' She let out another sigh and said 'Oh yeah, go on, do it.' I pulled her knickers off and pushed her legs apart and rubbed my cock on her tummy and she pressed herself up against me. Then I gently eased my cock into her cunt, just a couple if inches, and slowly fucked her. I said 'there, does that feel nice' and she said 'Oh yeah, go on, right in, right in, don't stop, you can cum in me if you want, it feels nice when you cum'.

I kept easing my cock further in and I had to try hard not to cum too soon because I knew that if she had a nice time she would be willing to have sex with me and her husband together. I badly wanted to watch her with him. She had a sort of imploring expression on her face and she said ' Oh Christ, it's so dirty, it's so dirty doin' it with another bloke. I can't believe I'm doin' this, I never thought we'd do it – I never thought I'd feel yours in me, I never thought I'd have your spunk in me' It didn't take her long to cum. After a while she sort of went all stiff and started to shake, and kept breathing 'Oh chri …oh chri …, and she came nicely. I couldn't last after that and I ejaculated hard into her. I know she felt my sperm shooting into her because she went 'Aah, aah' each time it came.

Well, as you can imagine I extended my stay for a day or so and we had a really nice time, and later I did join her and her husband in the bedroom, but that's the next story.