Written by tigs

19 Aug 2005

I had never had a woman squirt during sex before and if it weren't for having found such an uninhibited swinging partner recently I probably never would have either.

I turned up for our 3rd meeting without feeling nervous at all now. On our second meeting we had fucked on and off all day, and I felt I had started to get to know every inch of M pretty well. I had learned how deeply she liked to be taken, and what would make her cry out so I was feeling confident about tonight.

I was surprised when I arrived to find M's friend Emma on the sofa, From what M had said to me on the phone earlier that day whilst masturbating in her office toilets I expected her to need me inside her as soon as I walked in the door, Although what she had planned turned out to be much better.

It was when we were sitting chatting, I knew Emma well as she had been at our first meet as moral support for M, and we got on well, she was dressed very sexily and I did if I'm honest have a bit of a thing for her. She is very busty for such a tiny girl (32D and all natural size 10) and to be honest I had trouble taking my eyes off her.

It was halfway through a conversation that it all started, I think M noticed me staring at Emma and ran her fingers up to my groin, stroking along my, already half hard, cock.. Then she piped up with 'I was telling Emma last night how hard you made me cum babe" And she squeezed my cock gently through my jeans as she spoke. "Emma said that she wished she could have your cock up inside her as she hasn't had an orgasm from a fuck for over a year..." Then as she wanked up and down me slowly she turned to Emma and smiled and said..." Feels like he would be up for it babe. His cock's really getting hard". I felt embarrassed but also turned on. It was clear the girls had something planned for me and I could not wait to find out what it was.

M freed my cock from my jeans and began to lick at the tip. as she did I heard Emma take a sharp intake of breath and look over at me My cock was hard and throbbing as I looked down, and coated with M's spit. When I looked up again I gasped with shock at what I saw. Emma had hoisted up her skirt and was looking right into my eyes as she slid the gusset of her knickers aside and let me have a birds eye view of her sex... My cock leapt in M's hand as she had now moved to a soft yet intense wanking of my cock, increasing my arousal but not designed to bring me close to orgasm. None of us said a word for a while, and M and I watched as Emma flicked her clitty with her fingertip. My eyes widened as I saw how wet she was, her juices really were soaking through her gusset and I could see her lips glistening in the dim light from M's room lamp.. There was no doubting it her pussy looked divine, Puffy and soaked, I wanted to fuck her badly. Really badly.

M let go of my cock at this point saying I would have to sort myself out as she needed a wee, but when she came back I got another shock, she was clad in just some French knickers and a bra. M is a very petite girl, with a delicious ass, and small yet firm and sensitive breasts. In each hand she had a toy, in her left her rampant rabbit, and in the right a toy that we had bought together the previous meet, a latex vibrating cockring, which had a small attachment to it.

I watched as M handed Emma the Vibe and sighed in delight as she pushed it against the lips of her cunt. Emma wasted no time at all in showing me what she was made of. With a gentle press the head of the clear plastic Vibe slid into her pussy, her soft pouty little lips opening around it slowly as she fucked it into her. My hand was soaked by now as my cock had leaked so much precum. I really was aching to fuck this girl, and I think I cried out at least three times as she fucked herself to climax, Twice I had to squeeze back my own orgasm as she brought herself off. At this point M came back to my side and descended between my knees, she looked up and into my eyes and started to blow across the head of my cock. The sensation was delicious and made me squirm.

'You want to fuck her little cunt don't you" M said. I was shocked at first by her language but as I looked down she took my cock into her mouth. I moaned out loud and watched as Emma came to stand beside her. My heart was thumping in my chest..

Emma came to kneel besides her and M came away from my cock.

"Hmm you should taste all his hot precum" she said to Emma as she looked over. I couldn't believe this was happening, it was like a scene from a wild porn movie, but I was loving every moment. Emma wasn't so vocal but her eyes said everything that was needed to. M looked into my eyes and said " I want you to fuck this cock into her little pussy" Her hand sliding up and down my shaft and her finger exploring Emma's cunt as she did so. "I want you to make my best friend cum, she is a good girl and she deserves it"

I didn't know what to do next, but M encouraged me as she guided Emma towards my throbbing erection. She grasped the base of my cock and began to rub it slowly up and down between the lips of Emma's sex. I let out a cry of delight as she did so and felt myself welling up with desire. I wanted to be inside this girl so badly, I hoped I wouldn't shoot too quickly.

Slowly she stopped teasing Emma and aligned the large swollen head of my cock with her entrance. pushing the very tip against her lips so that I could feel the heat of her cock against the tiny hole in the tip of my cock. I let out a sigh and watched as she released me.. Emma slid down my shaft very slowly, I closed my eyes and cried out as she slipped around me, her pussy was very different to M's. Nowhere near as tight, but delicious in its own right, her walls were soft and felt ridgy as my cock penetrated her, her walls closing tightly around my shaft as she moved me deeper and deeper into her cunny. I let out a long low sigh of delight as she took all of me into her.

Slowly she moved her hips, her pussy was not as deep as M's and I saw her grimace as I pushed uncomfortably inside of her, but soon she had moved position and I felt nestled deeply and snugly in her cunny.

The fuck was sensational, she rode me like she hadn't been fucked in years. Stripping her top away and pressing her magnificent breasts into my face as she slid up and down my cock. She had a great and varied motion, moving from sliding me in and out of her to stirring her hips against me, pressing her clit against my pubic bone and offering deliciously deep penetration.

The first time I noticed something odd was when I felt her pussy tighten up. This girl had muscles. real muscles. Her pussy squeezed at me as she began to orgasm, and I soon felt a damp warm sensation flooding down my balls and over the inside of my thighs. As she was cumming her hot juice was literally spurting from her cunny.

Luckily for me M had captured this all on video and I have since been able to see as well as feel it firsthand.

After she had cum all over me I was soaked, and really wanted to fuck her tight little pussy for all it was worth.

Quickly I lifted her from the couch and we laid down onto M's woolly white rug.. I left my cock buried up inside her for the whole of this period and once I had her on her back wasted no time in hoisting her ankles to my shoulders.

I wanted to fuck this girls sopping pussy and I wanted to fuck it hard and fill it with my creamy cum.

By now I was so aroused I didn't care if I screamed the place down. Emma moaned and moaned louder and louder as I fucked my cock into her, exploring her cunt with the tip of my cock, sliding in at different angles depths and speeds until I could take it no more. With a hungry Spasm I felt my cock explode inside of her and she let out a cry as the hot sticky load of one of my large orgasms began to pump into her.

She moaned out as I came into her, sucking every drop greedily into her hot little pussy.

That was only the beginning of an amazing night, and I pray there are many more to come.