Written by toothache

15 Jun 2006

The thought had played on my mind for the last few years. At 16 all my friends were doing it. Most had got it from thier boyfriends,the rest had lost thier cherries to dodgy knee-tremblers down back alleys or on playing fields with loser-guys at school or the local boyzone's. I was different,i'd thought about it,jeeee had i thought about it but it had just never happened until Alan..my dad's workmate!

When i think back he must have thought he'd hit the jackpot, Fourty-odd years old banging his best friends teenage daughter 16 and untouched. But i was no innocent party,i'd wanted it for a long time and for some reason,however wrong,it somehow felt right to do it..so i did!

That night me and my friends had been doing the usual,hanging around the local shops in the precinct waiting for something to happen and as usual nothing did so at around nine i had headed off home. I was almost there when Alan pulled up beside me in his car asking me if i wanted a lift home. I only lived round the corner so it seemed a strange thing to ask but seen as Alan was a cool guy and i liked him i agreed,only i didn't end up at home i ended up in Alans front room.

It was wierd and i can't realy remember how it even happened but there i was,16 years old on all fours on his living room carpet,my t-shirt pulled up and my tits out over my bra all very unromantic like with his hands all over me saying how 'pretty' i was and how 'horny' i was making him. I was just shitting it and basically just did as i was told,shaking as he got his big willy out and stuck it right up my arse! That's right,he'd asked if he could and being stupid and nieve i'd agreed.

It was all over pretty quickly,a skirt up round my waist knickers down five minute bang but i'd done it. When i got it that's what i thought..yes,i've done it and when i told my best friend the next day she couldn't believe it,laughing her head off and calling me a dirty little slut.

But my sluttiest performances were to come,i'd only just started and had now got the taste for big hard men!

Kelly x