Written by funandsunshine

22 Nov 2005

This happened some years ago when I was in my final year at school - I was living with my boyfriend T at the time, and as I had an extended 'study leave' period at the time was spending a lot of the time at home whilst he was at work. He was a good few years older than me, but had a good friend C who was my age and also studying for A'levels. C and I got on very well, and occasionally when drunk had snogged in the car on the way home from the pub for T's benefit, but had not done anything else (though I hoped we would...).

Anyway... one day she knocked at the front door, I opened it and she had come round for a study session, books under her arm. We spent about 10 mins 'revising' then decided it would be more fun to give up all pretence of that and sit & chat on the sofa... she told me how excited she'd been with our kissing in the car the night before, and I told her how I would quite like it to go further, but only if she wanted.

She responded by reaching forward and stroking my breast with her hand - she had a small chest and appeared to love my large breasts - she stroked me and leant forward and kissed me, her soft tongue tracing the outline of my lips and then entering my mouth as I responded by cupping my hands round the back of her head and pulling her forward onto me on the sofa. We spent some time just kissing, relishing the softness of another woman's mouth, but as she moaned I could tell she was getting just as horny as I was and I slipped my hand inside her jeans and stroked her pussy over her knickers, which were soaking wet. My hand moved further down between her legs, and pulled her knickers aside, as I slowly stroked her soaking cunt with 2 fingers. I found her clit and rubbed it gently and she increased the intensity of her kissing and her moans of 'yes, yes' were muffled as our tongues entwined.

I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off her hips with her knickers, and raised her top over her head - she wore no bra as her breasts were small so soon she was sitting in front of me naked. In return she rolled my skirt down over my bare legs and removed my top. She asked me to remove my bra for her and I heard her breathe a sigh as my large firm breasts were finally on show. She lowered her head to my right breast and sucked my nipple hard, whilst her hand stroked my left breast, playing, pinching, squeezing the nipple.

I lay back further on the sofa as she kissed her way down my body, sensuously stroking me and kissing me, before her head went between my legs and her tongue explored my wetness for the first time. The feeling was electric and I arched my back, pushing my pussy further into her face until her head was buried inside me and my legs were wrapped around her neck. This couldn't be her first time, doing this, she was such an expert! Her face was buried in me as she sucked and licked my clit for all she was worth, slipping 2,3, more fingers inside me and fucking me at the same time. My body seemed to go into spasms as I came and I was so loud that I was beyond caring if anyone heard, but she gripped my thighs tightly to her face and carried on licking as I came all over her face, multiple times as I watched her drink me right down and carry on till I was exhausted.

We cuddled up on the sofa and stroked each other gently, licking and kissing each others faces, until I took her by the hand and took her upstairs to the bedroom for our adventure to continue...