Written by angel_chat

20 Oct 2005

I'd taken rather longer getting ready than I'd intended, but I was dressing for myself instead of for anyone else and wanted it to be right. My hair was recently dyed red and cut short, so I dried it and styled it then carefully applied my make up. A light layer of foundation, white-silver eye shadow with a little royal blue to accentuate my eyes, a little blusher, black mascara to lengthen my eyelashes, and deep pink - almost brown - lipstick with a "diamond shine".

I slipped into my black lace thong and push up bra (no padding - its amazing what they can do these days!) my black chiffon skirt and matching top and those sandals. They are quite possibly the prettiest shoes I've ever owned, the heels are about 4 inches, and they have just 3 thin straps across my foot, one black one over my instep, another black one across the front of my foot and next to that, one with little diamantes on. They hurt like hell but the look is worth it. The outfit is very flattering if I do say so myself. The top and skirt are both smattered with turquoise and blue sequins (not covered, much more tasteful than that!) The skirt finishes just below knee length and the top has very thin straps and a fairly low neckline, enough to tempt but not enough to look cheap.

I had arranged to pick her up at her house and was a bit late getting there, so just waited in the car for her to come out. She always wears low heels and trousers at work so I was amazed to see her in a black dress of similar material to my outfit and mid-height heeled mules. They were really pretty shoes with several straps that were joined together in a kind of chicken wire effect with a little diamante flower at the join of each. "Wow, you've got legs!" I commented as she got into the car. "Yeah" she agreed, "But I'm no fuckin' good at this being a lady lark". "Hmm" I laughed, "you kind of proved that with that comment!"

When we arrived at the hotel, we met several other people in the bar and got down to the serious business of having as many drinks bought for us as possible. After about an hour we were asked to go up to a different bar and that was when I saw him.

His charcoal grey fine-knit jumper and black trousers were in stark contrast to the black suit and dickie bow of the man stood next to him, but standing out from the crowd is something that he seems fairly used to. He grabbed me in a big bear hug when he saw me. "Here she is, my partner in crime! We getting pissed tonight then girl?" I laughed and gave him a "What do YOU think?" kind of look.

When we were called into the main room for our meal we ended up at separate tables, but the drinking carried on and although we weren't seated together, we still managed to have several chats, and definitely managed the "getting pissed" part of the night.

Later on when the disco had finished, we all went into the hotel bar to carry on drinking. The 3 of us sat together in the bar, with lots of other people joining and leaving our conversation at various points. There were lots of goodbyes as it was getting late but I went to the bar for one last drink. In actual fact, I didn't realise at the time that it would be the last, but when I returned from the bar, it became apparent that it would be. They were deep in conversation and it was difficult to make out what they were saying in the noisy bar, but I thought I'd got the gist of it. I knew I was right when she said "I think she might be up for it, but if she is, we'd all have to swear to keep it to ourselves".

"Oh my GOD!" I thought, "is this really happening?" In a more sober state I might have pretended I wasn't that kind of girl or something. I've thought about it so many times and for so many years, but I really thought that even if I got the opportunity I'd be so worried about what other people thought that I wouldn't actually do it. The copious amounts of wine and vodka I'd consumed took all that fear away though, and what actually came from my lips was "Well if you both agree that nobody else can ever know then fine, let's do it!"

I told him to stay where he was for now and that we'd meet him up in his room. We said our goodbyes to other people and went to the toilets. "Oh my God" she said, "I can't believe we're actually going to do this." "YOU can't?" I said, laughing, "bloody hell, I've fantasised about this for so many years and now its actually going to happen!" "I do hope you realise I want to do everything" she said. "I have no objections to that" was my reply, "in fact, I'm rather hoping to lick your pussy" It all seems so strange to me now that I said that to her, but there was this need to agree beforehand what was ok and what wasn't. I'm glad we had that little chat, because things might have been different once we got up there otherwise.

Everybody else thought we were going home, but instead of taking the lift down to the lobby for a taxi, we went up and knocked on his door.

"Fucken hell! I thought you pair were winding me up and had gone home. I was just about to have a wank." That Geordie accent does it for me every time!

"Well there's no need for you to do that now we're here to do it for you" I said and threw my arms round him and gave him a deep kiss. "Right young lady, get that bloody top off and get over here on this bed" he said. The bed was like nothing I've ever seen before. You could probably have fit about 5 or 6 of us in there quite comfortably! 3 were quite enough then though.

I took off my top but left on my bra, lifted my skirt and sat astride him on the bed and kissed him again. I'm not entirely sure what she was doing at that point, but I think she was attending to his hard on in some way. As we kissed he pulled the cups of my bra to each side so that my tits were on show for him and he moved me up a little so that he could take each nipple into his mouth. I don't think I've ever been in a hornier situation and my nipples went even harder than they had already been. He sucked and nibbled on my nipples for a while, then scooted down the bed and asked me to move up so he could get a good look at my pussy. I very quickly found out it wasn't just a look he was after as he moved my thong to one side and started licking at my very wet and very swollen clit.

I clung on to the headboard, moaning as he licked me and looked over my shoulder to see her sucking his cock like a true sex hungry bitch. She looked up at me with such a horny look in her eyes I almost came right there and then, but just at that moment he moved me off him and asked us to take all our clothes off.

She took off her dress to reveal a black thong with little shiny studs evenly spaced around the top and no bra. I don't quite know how she managed to get away with not wearing a bra, as her breasts are slightly bigger than mine are, and I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable without one. Her nipples were paler than mine, more pink than brown and her skin fairer with some light freckles.

Once we were undressed he asked us to kiss each other. It was the first time I have ever really kissed a woman, and it was lovely. Her lips and tongue were so soft, and because we were both kneeling facing each other, our nipples brushed as we kissed. It was like an electric shock through my body, and I imagine it must have been much the same for her. "Oh fuck" he said, "this is amazing. Do you want to lick her?" he asked, and she turned to him and just nodded.

I lay down on the bed and she went straight down to my pussy. As she did, he moved his cock toward my mouth and I ran my tongue around the top of it making sure I licked up all the precum before sliding my lips as far down his shaft as I could. Almost immediately he pulled it away, and although I was bereft for a split second, it also meant that I could concentrate on what was going on at my pussy. Not for long though.

"Do a 69 will you" he said. I knew exactly what was going on in his head. All of us were the same. It's the kind of thing you've thought about for so long that you want to see and do everything as quickly as possible. Its all well and good but the combination of the rushing and the alcohol meant that it was unlikely any of us were going to orgasm that night.

She turned herself round above me and there it was. The first pussy I've ever seen or tasted. She had kind of strawberry blonde hairs, quite sparse and well trimmed, but all I wanted was to get my tongue on her clit and inside her. I had the perfect view of her pussy and arsehole, almost unbelievable. Then I got my first taste. Her pussy had a different taste to the one I get when I lick my fingers after masturbating - slightly more bitter and her smell was more musky - but I wasn't really thinking about that at the time. I ran my tongue around her clit for several moments and then pushed it inside her. It was just as I'd always imagined, and her moans told me that I was doing at least an ok job of it. I think my moans probably told her the same thing. We stayed like that for a while (I no longer had any concept of time) and then he pulled us up so that he could kiss each of us in turn.

"You pair of fucken dirty bitches" he groaned in that sexy Geordie accent, "I can tell its Christmas, I think they've all come at once"

I pushed him back down on to the bed laughing and kissing him again and lowered myself down onto his cock. As I rode him he sucked on my nipples again, then we heard moans from the other side of the bed. I looked over to see her rubbing her pussy with one hand and her nipple with the other. I'm not sure if she managed to make herself cum, but she certainly sounded and looked as though she was enjoying herself!

I carried on with what I was doing until he pushed me off and asked me to lick her pussy again. I moved down between her legs and started licking again, this time inserting a finger into her pussy as I licked her clit. All my dreams came true when he stood at the foot of the bed and slammed his cock into me from behind. He held onto my hips and each time he shoved into me, he pushed my face further into her pussy. I did have a small orgasm then, but neither of them seemed to.

After a while (still no concept of time!) I lay on the bed and she was licking my soaking pussy again, then she started to move up the bed, kissing my body as she did. She licked around each nipple then flicked at one with her tongue making it erect and conical. She sat up a little as though to get a better look and said "My god, you're just fuckin beautiful!" That really took me by surprise, and there was a twinge in my cervix as even more juices flowed.

She lowered her breasts into my face and I ran my tongue around her nipple, moving her away from me slightly so that I could lick as well as suck. I gently teased the hard end with my teeth and tongue and her gasps told me that she liked this just as much as I do. I alternated each breast with my mouth, and slid my hand under her so that I could tease her clit with my fingers as I did.

The sight of this was obviously too much for him and he grabbed my free hand and guided it towards his by now positively throbbing member. He moved my hand up and down his shaft but she saw what I was doing and moved off me to take him into her mouth. I watched her for a while, she looked so sexy sucking him off, but then I got down there to help her and for a while we both took turns. I absolutely love sucking cock, and I think I was probably a bit selfish about it, because she left me to it and started licking my pussy from behind. He saw this and groaned and swore again just before cumming into my mouth.

Now I've more than my fair share of cum in my mouth it has to be said, but never as much as I had then. I do usually swallow, but there was just so much of it I couldn't physically manage the reflex, so I turned round and kissed her and made up for not sharing nicely earlier. I'm not sure whether she appreciated it me pushing his cum into her mouth - some girls are very fussy about that - but he certainly liked that I did that.

As I said, I had lost all concept of time. I still don't know how long all this went on for, but I can tell you that I was quite literally fucked by this time, and I wasn't the only one! We all had a cigarette and he said he couldn't believe it had actually happened but he could never thank us enough. I laughed and said it was something I'd wanted to do forever but had come to think would never happen. I also said that if he was going to find anyone to fulfil his fantasy he was very lucky that it was two girls as uninhibited and goddam sexy as us! He agreed and then repeated that we were a "right pair of fucken dirty bitches" and he'd never forget it.

I don't think I ever will either.

My other big fantasy is to have two men in bed with me, and that is due to happen fairly soon. I don't mind telling you that I personally cannot wait! Maybe I'll write about that too!