Written by tigs

27 Jul 2005

I remember being nervous, and I mean VERY nervous. The friend that I was attending the club with Had tried to calm me down, and I did actually feela bit better once we were in there.

I walked around for a while at first, looking at the other occupants, some attractive, some not so...

Eventually my friend convinced me to come to the sauna with her, so I quickly disrobed and wrapped myself in a towel.

Sitting in the sauna was unbelievable, and I quickly caught the eye of a woman in her early thirties sitting opposite me, I remember running my eyes up and down her and thinking what a delicious body she had. Her breasts paticularly caught my eye, they were large and very firm, with nice quite large round nipples. Unlike some of the other people in the room she had made no attempt to cover them and I took the oppurtunity to have a good look. I felt my cock hardening as I watched and soon saw that she was staring at my growing erection.

It was funny the way it happened, we met one anothers eyes a couple of times, and then she smiled and kind of beckoned me over.. I turned to my friend who had already noticed this and she convinced me to go over. She had already met up with one of her friends from the club and was going upstairs with him and his wife to one of the private rooms.

Eventually I got the courage to go over to her, and she introduced herself as Jane. We got to chatting and before too long she had her hand under my towel gently stroking up and down my cock.. I remember how soft her hand felt against my shaft, she had tiny hands and it felt wonderful as she stroked up and down my shaft, I was getting more and more excited as I Was really turned on by this woman and absoluetly gasping to have her, I just didn't know how to go about asking.

Luckily enough I didn't have to within about five minutes she suggested that we go upstairs, and I followed her, my heart absolutely in my mouth as we found ourselves a room.

She made me sit on the bed and we started with a little light kissing and touching, but before too long I found myself kissing my way down her body.. her breasts were divine, full and very sensitive. I moved my way down and soon found my way between her legs.

I like to think im something of an expert when it comes to giving oral sex and Jane obviously thought so too. I slid my tongue up and down between her soft lips and was suprised to find her pussy absolutely soaked through, gently I used my thumbs to open her lips to me and moved quickly to my target of her clit.

I gently sucked it between my lips, flicking the tip of her large hard clit with the tip of my tongue.

I had gotten very engrossed in the moment and her pushing her clit against my tonge as I worked her drove me wild. As I worked her clit I slid two of my fingers into her sex.. she was truly sodden, the soft lips opened to me as I eased my fingers inside and I remember thinking how tight and muscular her pussy felt.

Within mere moments her orgasm hit, and I remember being stunned at how tightly the muscles inside her squeezed my fingers.

From there we moved to her returning the favor, and she sat and gave me an unbelievable blow job, holidng me from orgasm, but making me so hard that my cock actually ached as It slid in and out of her lips..

Before too long I was to get to fuck her.. I remember climbing between her legs, She held her hot shorn pussy open with one hand and with the other slowly slid a condom over my erection.. I remember looking down and thinking how hard my cock looked as she slid the condom down. By this time I was absolutely gagging to fuck her, so it was terrible for me when she took the head of my cock and teased her clit with it..

My cock literally throbbed inside the condom as she slowly positioned me at her opening.. Then, holding herself open, she slowly slid me into her hot warm welcoming cunt.

The sex was wonderful, slow, and sensual. I fucked her gently to start with but increased the pace and began to enjoy it, leaning down so that my chest rubbed against her gorgeous breasts as she fucked me back.

We moved from position to position, she rolled over and took control, fucking my cock in and out of her depths in slow sensual motions, she really did have an extremely tight sensitive pussy and I could feel every single muscle inside of her as she rode me. It was delicious to feel my cock buried so far inside of her and I let out a huge cry as she leaned back, driving my cock as far inside of her as it would go.

She came a couple of times in different positions before I felt myself coming too close to control myself.. I called out that I was about to cum, and she told me to pull out of her... Somehow I managed to control myself and she pulled the condom from my shaft. She came to her knees before me and pushed her breasts together, making a channel for me to fuck.

Hungrily I plunged my cock between the gorgeous mounds of flesh and began to pump away.. My orgasm came quickly between those delicious breasts and I squirted a huge load of my sticky cum all over her gorgeous breasts..

The night was a real success, and that wasn't the first time I got to cum with Jane :-)

What an introduction to the life.