Written by linuk

28 Feb 2006

It was a Saturday night and I was out with karen clubbing in town.

As the night was over and the lights came on so we made our way to the door a little worse for drink.

Karen lives quite close so we walked to a nearby taxi office to see if I could get a taxi home.

We laughed and giggled our way to the office like two little school girls and as we entered the dingy looking room we both perched on a scruffy looking settee. There was ederly asian man at the desk who told us that all the taxis were out and we would have to wait until they got back. Still laughing and giggling I glanced flitingly at him to Karens amusement. I told her to go as I was not sure how long a taxi would be and although I had to wait, at least I was warm.

She left with a hug and there I was wearing a little bolero type black jacket over a white tight fitting top and a short black skirt with my favourite black stilettoes sitting watching an old TV.

It was about 20 minutes or so when 2 or 3 cars pulled up at the same time and the drivers all came in noisily speaking in Pakistani.

I quickly became the focal point of some staring eyes mainly at my legs but i didnt really care as the drink had made me less self concious in fact I felt my self enjoying the attenion as I smiled back flirtily.

One of the drivers I had smiled at offered me a cigarette to which I willingly took knowing it was all part of the flirting. He gave me a light and started to chat and it wasnt long before some of the others joined in chatting in broken English.

I asked when would a cab be ready and they said not long you they were on a break. One told me it was ok to go and sit in the white car if I wanted to.I got up and felt all the eyes on my legs as I walked across the room and made my way to passenger seat of the car. Within a couple of

minutes two of the drivers came out to be joined by a third and we sat in the car laughing and joking. They were talking in Pakistani and they were trying to get me to guess what they were saying. The one in the drivers seat was about 55 tubby and had reddish hair with a longish beard, both the two in the back were in their late twenties. I was offered another cigarette by the older man in the front who I noticed was constantly glaring at my legs.

Suddenly the flirty atmosphere changed as he leant forward and kissed me gently on the lips.The talking in the car I remember went quiet as I responded by closing my eyes and continued to kiss him even though the darkness caused my head to spin with the drink. They must have noticed my

wedding ring in the office but as we kissed in the front for a minute or two, I felt a hand from behind me inside my jacket feeling my bust and and another feeling under my skirt. I held hands with the asian in the front whenever we stopped kissing and every now and then when we all talked I would feel a hand from the back squeeze my leg or my bust.

There was some more Pakistani talk before the other drivers got out to get back to work. Once more the car was in silence untill he switched on the radio for some asian music to play. We kissed agian this time his tongue was deep in my mouth pressed against my teeth and then the

roof of my mouth His beard rubbing against my mouth as he gleefully felt around my body.

We chatted a while and he said he had a wife back in Pakistan and some children but all the time we were holding hands. Some more kissing followed I felt his hand making its way up my skirt and i made a feeble attempt to stop it as it nestled in the warmth of my inner thighs.

He spent several seconds fumbling at my tights and knickers when he pulled away his hand and started the car. I asked him where we were going and in broken English he said he lived quite near. As I sat back in the seat I glanced at my watch and knew my husband would probably be asleep and within about five minutes we pulled up on a street. As he got out the car I opened the door searching for my hand bag. As we entered the empty house it was cold and I sat on the settee shivering. He then pointed to the stairs and pulled me to my feet beckoning to me to go upstairs. I switched on the light on the wall and made my way up the stairs as I heard him locking the front door.

I noticed the bathroom and being as I was dying for the loo I quickly made my way, relieved that I had found it.

I got dressed apart from my jacket and quickly sprayed some perfume and checking my make up put some lipstick on especially after all the kissing. Stepping out on the landing I noticed a bedroom light shining through a slightly opened door which I slowky opened. He was still fully dressed as I sat on the bed.

The room was typically asian with green and yellow colourings and pictures of Pakistan and a big temple on the wall.

Sitting down next to me we kissed again and he pulled me back on the bed running his hands over my body. We didnt speak much just kissing gently then passionatly all the time he was helping me remove my clothes.

Whilst I was unbuckling the straps on my stilettoes he pulled back the sheets and as I laid back I was just wearing my bra, back skirt tights and knickers.

He started to undress, taking off his jumper and shirt reavealing a greying hairy chest and a paunch belly.Taking off his trousers he left on his underwear as he joined me between the sheets. He kissed me deeply with his tounge and I responded by searching for his belt which I fumbled open as I pulled open his trousers.

His hands were now squeezing my bust which were now free of my bra and in my hand was his hard cock which I gently pulled back and forth.After a few minutes more kissing I lifted my bum as to help as he pulled down my tights and knickers . My black mini skirt soon followed. I now lay in his bed naked as I gently pulled his cock back and forth.He laid back as if to beckon me to take more of a lead and I responded by moving nearer his cock kissing his belly. The light was still on and I could see he was circumsiced unlike my husband and his pubic hairs red against his dark skin.

I placed my lips around his cock and gently moved my head up and down as I knew my husband liked. He gave a muffled moan as I sucked and licked his dark cock pressing my tongue in the top of his cock gently squeezing his balls.

His fingers now were inside my pussy digging deeper and deeper as he realised I was turned on. Punging deep in me his fingers scraped against the wall of my pussy as I dropped my head back in a moments ectasy only to fall forward again swallowing his cock.

At this point he must have known that I was his to use.

He knew I too was married and being somewhat drunk in his bed he was fully aware that I could nothing to stop him even if I wanted to. What would I do tell my husband, how would I explain everything. He knew from the moment I entered his house I was his to take.

Now climbing on top of me his beard hung tickling my face as he kissed first my lips then my neck all the time moving around between my legs till i felt the tip of his cock against my inner thigh. As I looked up at him I whispered "Condom?" To which he gave me a sneer. With that he pushed forward and I gulped as he entered me. There was a fleeting moment as I bit my lip then he nestled deeper in me filling me with his dark cock. I was flushed in the face as he pushed on deeper inside me gathering speed with his now hard thrusts.

The walls of my pussy seemed to grip his cock lovingly as he slid it up and down in and out. It was bigger than any I can recall, as it seemed to expand on every thrust. After the ineveitable guilt as he entered me I was now hoplessly being tossed around inside as I scratched his back

I moaned in ecstacy. I even envied his asian wife, wherever she was who I know would have recieved all this and more willingly.

Maybe it was because it was wrong that made it so good or maybe it was I enjoyed the dark skin smouldering on top of me though at least 20 years older than me.I felt like a rag doll in his arms being punctured and tossed inside as he gripped me like a vice. Then suddenly my insides had the feeling of a volcano about to erupt I was coming and i melted in his arms. I even caught an evil glint in his eye as he knew I was on the verge of coming. Suddenly I froze in ectasy and the flood gates opened as I sprayed his cock with my juices moaning uncontrolably.

Then just as I was about to relax again back lovingly in his arms He tensed and jerked wickedly deeper in me and as he came inside me I swear i tingled from head to toe as his cum swam deep in me with a hot glow like a spicy currie moulding and heaping in to my pussy.

Never had I felt such ectasy as I laid back flushed in the face staring at the ceiling. He had me dress shortly after, my top all creased and skirt ruffled and we left the house to get in the taxi. The asian music was now blaring in the car as i sat quietly. We never kissed as I left the car although I did notice he still stared longingly at my legs.

I knew he had got what he had wanted, all i could do was turn the door key quietly as i fumbled to get quietly in the house.