Written by sammy_and_lee

15 Oct 2006

Lee and I are into alot of things, 2 of which are havin sex outdoors and Lee getting fucked by me with my 8" strap on mmm...

It's a lovely sunny day, I've got a lovely surprise for Lee. I suggest to him that we go for a picnic in the woods. I tell him to go and get in the car, while I go and get the strap on. I wanna fuck you outside this time I told him.

Lee parks the car up and we walk deep into the desserted woods until we find the spot I'd been lookin for. I place the blanket on the ground next to a tree and I tell Lee that I need servicing orally first. Lee obliges.

I tell him to kneel down facing the tree, as he's doin this I get some rope from my little goody bag and tie his hands to the tree. I undo his jeans and pull them down to his ankles givin his arse a little spank. I can see his cock getting harder by the minute. Then I undo my jeans and my cock (the strap on) springs out ready for action.

At first I force him to suck it, then after a few minutes I pull out some ear muffs and a blindfold and put them on Lee.

I then start pushing the dildo into Lee's mouth which I fuck for about 5 minutes, I then go back to my goodie bag to get some K.Y jelly which I pour onto Lee's tight arsehole.

I slowly start to massage it in sneekily slidin a finger in, Lee starts moanin with pleasure. I get hold of him with 1 hand and dildo in the other and slide it all the way in, Lee gasps

with delight, I start fuckin him really hard. Everytime i push it it I feel Lee pushing back onto it, I can feel the base of the dildo rubbing on my soakin wet pussy I'm moanin with pleasure too mmmm Its not long before I cum the juices drippin down my leg. I pull the dildo out of Lee ready for his surprise.

I put the dildo away and zip my jeans back up. I quitely walk away heading for a picnic area not so far away, leavin Lee tied to the tree with his jeans around his ankles, throbbing cock, and probably wondering what the hells going on!! He He!! When I get to the pic nic area I find what i come here for!! One of our male friends who I let slip in a drunken state my fantasy and to my amazement and shock said he'd be willing to do it. After our quick hello's we make our way back to where Lee is, with our friend telling me how excited he is about doing it, it turns me on and i'm getting wetter!!!

When we get there our friend quitely unzips his trousers and gets his semi hard cock out he gives me a smile and makes his way over to Lee's eager mouth. Lee opens his mouth expecting it to be the dildo, isn't he gonna be surprised..... Our friend puts his cock in Lee's mouth, he must have realised quite quickly by his reaction that infact it was a real cock in his mouth. Lee is now havin his mouth fucked, which evidently I can tell he's enjoyin as his cock is pulsing with pre cum dripping from his helmut.

I can't resist my hand goes down to my pussy and I gently start to rub my wet clitty, I can tell our friend is close to cumin coz of the way he's moanin. He suddenly holds Lee's head and thrusts it onto his close-to-exploding cock. He gives a loud moan as he empties his hot, sticky spunk into Lee's mouth, which Lee gobbles up eagerly...

Our friend then moves away from Lee and it doesn't take him long to recover. He then moves to the rear of Lee and rubs his hard- again cock round the rim of Lee's K/Y'd arsehole, I can hear Lee's breathing getting harder with the anticipation of what's about to happen.

Our friend then slides every inch of his rock hard cock up Lee's arse and starts to fuck him really hard, Lee starts moaning louder, which I can just about hear over my own moans as I'm just about to cum myself I'm rubbin really hard and fast and you can hear my juices sloshing about. GOD THIS FEELS GOOD!!!!!!

I then see our friend give one last huge shuddering thrust as he comes up lee's arse. When he pulls his cock out I can see his spunk dribblin out of Lee's used arsehole....mmmmmm

Our friend quickly dresses himself gives me a quick hug to say thanks and briskly walks away. I leave Lee tied to the tree for a little longer to give our friend chance to get out of site.

I untie Lee and take the blindfold and muffs off, I'm beaming from ear to ear because of how amazing i though it was watching my man get a fat cock up his arse.

I give him a kiss and ask him how it felt..........x x x