Written by dobin

27 Sep 2006

I went out with Caz for a year or so and had a full sexual relationship finally parting when we could neither of us see a future together but still as friends.

She met another guy called Jim and after a while together I was invited to meet him for a drink at their local pub, we got on well, he obviously knew of our past relationship and made the usual jokes about women together, Caz was obviously pleased I approved of him.

One evening it was getting quite icy on the roads and as was passing nearby to their flat I decided to call in and take refuge from what looked like a snow filled night, I was greeted well and we soon had a quick call at the nearby off licence and had a few beers as we chatted. Caz slipped off after a while and we carried on chatting until she returned when both of our jaws just dropped as we looked at her in a very short red tee shirt, obviously no bra and a pair of black lace panties could just be seen below the t shirt.

She sat next to Jim and soon she started to kiss him and her shirt was pulled up revealing her panties in full, very skimpy and totally see through, I sat in a chair opposite and just watched what was happening, Jim started to feel her ample breasts and she had started to prize his cock from his trousers and was preparing to suck away happily, I decided that this was obviously meant for me and I went and sat next to her and started feeling her arse through her knickers and occasionally slipping my hand between her legs and over her now soaking wet cunt. Each touch got a moan of pleasure and soon she reached out behind her whilst still sucking Jim's cock and started to feel for mine, I made it easy for her and undid my trousers for access, I was stiff as fuck and now she had me out in full and I had slipped her panties down a way so that I could fully finger her cunt.

Suddenly she stood up and said, well if you want it you better follow me, and walked off to the bedroom, Jim was soon up and encouraging me to join them where I stripped naked and we lay either side of her. Jim encouraged her to suck my cock as he watched which I remembered as being excellent and was not disappointed, he then encouraged hr to sit on my cock, which she did without hesitation, grabbing my dick and pointing me in the right direction. She worked herself up and down on me for ages, Cumming on several occasions soaking my balls and I had my hand and mouth full of tits at every chance I could, she finally leaned over to Jim as I was still fucking her and whispered something to him, he moved round into a place where he was in position to lick her cunt as I was fucking her, occasionally licking my cock as it slipped out of her and guiding it back up to heaven.

Finally I shot my full load up her and we both collapsed in exhausted pile with her arms around me on top of me, he was cleaning up as we gently kissed and relived the past sex session we had regularly had. We moved into a sleep position and soon I was behind Caz and my cock was hard and nudging her cunt from behind, without Jim knowing we fucked several times that night, even going back to the lounge while he snored and fucked doggy on the floor and back in bed she whispered things to me that kept me hard. She had missed sex with me and had actually decided she was going to seduce me in front of jim one day.

In the morning we both went to shower and yes we fucked again, Jim watched and wanked happily as she took all 10 inches from behind again one leg high in the air, he went to work and left us alone and we went back to bed for the best sex session I think we had ever had even as a couple, and finally broke surface about 2pm.

This was not he last time I fucked Caz with Jim and also not the last time I fucked her on my own without his knowledge, often getting a call in the afternoon asking for my cock on her doorstep as soon as possible, and on several occasions fucking in the open when meeting in remote places, sometimes being watched by passers by, which made her hornier than ever.

She has moved away now but texts are still horny and who knows a trip to see her seems on the cards.